Knight of Cups release date - March 4, 2016 (USA)

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-09-02

The latest movie of director Terrence Malick has got its official debut date from the administration of Broad Green Pictures that produces the upcoming project. Knight of Cups, the new drama is scheduled to kick of in spring, on March 4, 2016. Featuring an A-list prominent cast, it’s a real must-watch of a new spring movie season. Don’t miss this fascinating drama, you won’t be upset!

The original name: Knight of Cups
Director: Terrence Malick
Duration: min.
Cast: Imogen Poots, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman
Genge: Drama
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2016-03-04

About Knight of Cups

As it was already mentioned, Knight of cups can boast a really remarkable cast that includes such mega stars of the up to date cinematographic world as Natalie Portman, Isabel Lucas, Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale.

The storyline of the new deep and thought provoking drama develops a man named Rick, a screenwriter who lost his inspiration. Rick is just addicted to the sparkling glamour and breathtaking success of the Hollywood world, but his own life is absolutely empty and this fact makes him feel simultaneously depressed.

He looks for some distraction with women and they seem to know the man much better than he understands and knows himself. Navigating the blur of rich parties, he seems to understand better the essence of things and his own place in this world.

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Knight of Cups release date - March 4, 2016 (USA)
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