In the Heart of the Sea

The original name: In the Heart of the Sea
Director: Ron Howard
Duration: 122 min.
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson
Genge: Adventure, Drama, Action
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2015-12-11

Plot & Details

In the Heart of the Sea

In the course of immensely fascinating storyline of this thrilling nautical epic we get a chance to get into the events of far 1820, when Essex, an English whaling ship, experienced a bad assault by something nobody would ever believe…a huge whale! The mammal had unbelievable size, strong will and that is more important- a sense of vengeance only human can reveal.

This real life disaster in sea inspired not a single director, but only in the upcoming In the Heart of the Sea story reveals to viewers the harrowing and horrible aftermath of this unbelievable accident. The ship’s crew that managed to survive was forced to do really unthinkable things in order to stay safe and alive.

The movie features starvation, horrible storms, awful despair and uncontrolled panic of men that eventually will put in question their deepest life beliefs. The narration gives food to many uneasy questions of morality and life values, personal will of power and other human qualities that are examined in such horrible situations.

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Any movie produced by Warner Bros. is definitely worth watching, the same applies to the company’s new project In the Heart of the Sea. Unfortunately the nautical epic release date has been significantly pushed back and is scheduled now for December 11 instead of March. A huge waiting gap for those who have been expecting the fascinating movie so much! 

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