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I am number four 2

The original name: The Power of Six
Duration: min.
Genge: Fiction
Country: USA
Release date USA: TBA

Plot & Details

Just recently, directors and film crew began shooting the second part, so to speak of the specific data on the subject, it is too early. You can only be sure that this will be the most fascinating part of the film's intense and most importantly, it is still to be on the big screen.

The fact that another extension will be judged at the box office the past, part of the debut, which is still in 2011 collected 144 million. Dollars in his budget is 60 million., Not to mention the enormous public acclaim worldwide.

Regarding the release date of the second part of the newly-made, most movie fans scratching his head, thinking about it. Since the official data on the idea it was not, and to date not yet. Based on the foregoing, about the fact that the shooting started just recently, you can count on the Prime Minister somewhere by October next year, or earlier.


Only, accurate information about what the main characters tapes will be:

  • Alex Pettyfer (John Smith, he's fourth);
  • Teresa Palmer (Jane Doe, she is the sixth);
  • Callan McAuliffe (Sam Hood);
  • Dianna Agron (Sarah);

The exact date of the release of "I - Fourth 2" has not yet been named, but known to the alleged month and year, and this is enough for the fans who are suspected to continue, but no longer hoped.

As for the script of the film is known is not much, but a lot of rumors and suggestions. The movie "I - fourth Part 2" will be a direct continuation of the existing pattern, not the beginning of a new franchise. Writers have, how to work on a story that the new franchise was not worse than it was previous.

I am number four 2 release date

2019, to be announced

Rating and statistics showed that the pattern still is gaining rapid momentum and is popular with many viewers. Rumors of a possible output was still continuing after the first part, and it is understandable, because the ending is not happy with an unfinished one. One of the fans is confident that the storyline will be a direct continuation, in other words, the full completion. Others doubt that the film is still held.

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I am number four 2" is interesting project of the American film, thriller genre, which quickly got an army of fans. The protagonist of the story is John Smith, the last of its kind and endowed with extraordinary abilities. He has to hide from enemies, who destroyed his family home, and constantly move from one place to another. When the planned and whether it is shooting another tape thriller "I am the fourth" part 2? Probably yes. A similar question at least once, but ask any fan of the movie, the genre "fiction thriller." If you're one of those fans, this news is for you.

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2016-02-23 20:35:40

I enjoyed I am Number Four. I watch it every time it comes on. But, it left me hanging. I want to know what happened next, why were they being killed off (just for the kill?), will they find the others, will the young man's father be found, do they have more powers. I loved that dog. It was fun to watch. Bring it on.

2016-04-02 07:06:32

Read the books

Baseball is life

2016-10-02 16:39:47

Yeah they are better,but i like the movie but the book is more interesting

I am 4

2016-10-18 22:20:25

yea they have more facts about them in the book.


2017-10-18 14:27:01

no my dad told me books are for nerds what do i do

Amelia Amouteru

2016-11-04 03:32:04

I have read all of the books it is a tearful series and jaw dropping and funny. I advise you to read them there are my answers toyou. Have a blessed day.


2016-12-04 04:42:16

Yea books are much better more detail better story and more to the story as there are almost 10 books I believe


2017-03-26 20:43:47

They were being killed off by the Mogs because they are enemies from Lorian. (Where they were originally from). They were in a great battle of War between Lorians and the mogadorians. The Lorians realized their was know way they would win the fight and sent 9 of the children to Earth to hide out in order to try and save their race. Each Child had a protector and from their on they all split up. If they all stay apart they cant be killed. They have to be killed in the order in witch their numbers are. In the movie and book one, two, and three are dead so they go after 4. This is why at first they don't meat up its harder for them to be killed but, they then realized they are much more powerful together. I highly encourage to read the books they are amazing!!!

Divesh singh

2016-02-29 21:36:33

No comments


2017-10-18 14:28:07


Russell F.

2016-03-13 22:31:59

I just saw the trailer for I am number four part two all I can say is I love what they've done so far it's high energy and it looks like it's not going to disappoint us one bit in one word awesome a definite must see film.


2016-03-29 04:37:03

How did you see the trailer it's not out


2016-05-16 09:54:04

Yeah, how did you see something that doesn't exist?


2016-11-26 08:33:56

Bc there is one out, though I think its really for the first 1 just with deleted or extended scenes in the beginning making you think it's 4 #2, I've seen it, had me for the first 15-30 secs, he probably did think he saw a real 1!!


2016-07-03 08:03:58

your stupid you did not see it fucking idiot


2016-11-26 08:31:06

There is one out, I've seen it, whether it is real or not is debatable look it up, should find on you YouTube, just so you know b4 you call ppl "fucking idiots" smdh, stupid !


2016-07-28 17:44:27

Please tell me where and how you saw the trailer for the movie sequel to I am number for please


2016-08-20 08:43:43

Help plz want to see yrailer


2016-03-13 23:52:42

I want number four 2 coming soon . because I LOVE IT!!


2016-03-22 11:53:16

I watched I am number four and up till date I never stopped watching it. It's so trilling and captivating that I can't wait for the part2 to be released.


2016-03-27 09:51:09

Please come with second one love that movie.


2016-04-02 02:06:04

The movie is off the hook.... i enjoyed it.....have been looking forward to the sequel for a long time........... "I am number four"....the movie is never tiring.....i can watch it on and on and on...........give us the next edition......i guess we all want it.....and neither can i wait....


2016-04-10 02:25:32

I must know what happens next!!!!!!!!


2016-04-18 07:09:37

Read the books. You will meet another garde called Maria. Who is in Spain. And they will do a bunch of fighting and six will go off and desperate from John and sam

john smith

2016-09-17 19:45:12

i think u mean Marina


2016-04-18 07:09:41

Read the books. You will meet another garde called Maria. Who is in Spain. And they will do a bunch of fighting and six will go off and desperate from John and sam

MV Snow Jr

2016-04-17 10:47:03

Most valuable one

I Am Number Four Fan

2016-04-23 01:35:59

I really can't wait for the next I Am Number Four: The Power of Six the movie. I have just waited so long

Bata Josh

2016-04-24 23:16:43

Please I desperately need to watch I am number 4 part 2, still need to see the same characters in the movie n don't change them...


2016-05-10 02:56:37

I love i am number four i read every book


2016-05-12 16:54:51

I love I am Number four I was wondering when they were going to make the second movie


2016-05-13 23:15:10

My son read the books and my entire family watched I am number four. We have been waiting gorvtears for the next one to come out. My kids are much older know, but I we are still looking forward to it. Someone, give us actual info on trailer and release date. Time to bring the movie to life!


2016-05-16 07:16:01

Bring all the books too life in the movies i am watching the movie now cant wait til the others come out.

John Smith

2016-05-16 07:46:25

It should have a movie sequel. I don't think that they will produce the part two according to some news out there. I am disappointed. I love the movie but we need miracle. It's already 2016 and no new reliable news about the production of the sequel.


2016-05-20 09:10:26

I hope they make a second movie

Jane Doe

2016-05-22 04:58:14

I totally agreed with this comment from John Smith: "It should have a movie sequel. I don't think that they will produce the part two according to some news out there. I am disappointed." Me too. Please do a sequel!!!

Mats thesweboy

2016-05-25 07:57:38

YEEEEEESSS!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you… Finally, the number 2 recorded!! So many years I have longed and nagged and hoped that the filmmakers to get their thumbs out of their asses eventually. This movie is fuc*ing great!! And if I read it right, the budget was 50-60 million, and grossed 149-166 million dollars... a profit of $ 100 million is well fuc*ing great anyway?? Am I wrong? Unbelievable... And was at the top of watched movies when it was out on screen, how da hell can they think of THAT like all dissed the movie??? Stu*id filmmakers... And even worse, the idi*tic complaining piss-ants, who complain about films in the first place (those who don’t have a life) that are finished, so the filmmakers do not dare to do sequels, because they believe that no one will come and watch them. The piss-ants can try to make their own movie and see if they can do it better themself, and see if anyone comes to see theirs, and then I'll sit there with the REAL, professional filmmakers at the big screen as the piss-ants movie comes up, and there we sit and boo’ing at the piss-ants crappy d*uche film. Fuc *ing noobs...


2016-05-26 16:21:18

I m waiting for the next part make it fast


2016-05-29 10:21:33

they just need to make a sequel to i am number. i loved the first one show the second one.


2016-05-29 10:37:25

I love I'm number four can't wait for the second one


2016-05-31 02:57:18

Come on, come on, come on.... are you coming out yet??


2016-05-31 09:14:06

Please ive beeeeeeen waiting for#2


2016-06-02 18:14:29

Your movie ingesting I love it thengx to new chapters Your move translate to Hindi


2016-06-13 05:01:47

I enjoyed I am Number Four. I watch it every time it comes on. But, it left me hanging. I want to know what happened next, why were they being killed off (just for the kill?), will they find the others, will the young man's father be found, do they have more powers. I loved that dog. It was fun to watch. Bring it on. Man


2016-06-19 08:01:50

plz make part 2 of this movie "I am number 4". Its a nice movie but sadly it was not complete.

Marisel Montalvo

2016-06-23 21:30:51

La película es fascinante! Llevo tiempo esperando la segunda, tercera, etc... parte. Será estupendo averiguar más de los 4 faltantes y su búsqueda. La guerra y sus efectos especiales mas el drama, su acción y su romanticismo hace de ella una película muy interesante y fascinante. Espero pronto la segunda parte y espero que sea tan buena o mejor que la primera. Atentamente, Marisel Montalvo

Mats thesweboy

2016-12-05 03:27:22

Talk ENGLISH you fu*king dou*he!!! This is an INTERNATIONAL page, is anyone else talking other language than English?? Idi*te... You must learn to think on others besides on yourself all the time!!


2016-06-26 00:23:31

This is great I have been waiting for the next installment! I had given up. So glad this is being made.

dj mk

2016-06-26 08:02:36

I love this movie ... its fantastic ...


2016-07-06 06:58:22

brengast i don't know if you have ever heard this but their is a hole book series that is a lot better than the movie

Jeet Singh Roy

2016-07-07 12:18:51

I like whis movie....


2016-07-10 00:42:29

Really want to see how they continue I am number 4!!!


2016-07-21 12:49:02

Me too


2016-10-09 19:36:23

would you be in the sequel if part two came out. If not tell them to not make it.


2016-07-14 08:28:26

I love movie I am number four and I am waiting for its sequel please tell me its realse date


2016-07-21 05:21:52

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I read the entire series and I am really excited for more movies!!!!!!!!!!!! ( if there are going to be more) I cant wait!! I really hope they do make more!


2016-07-21 12:48:13

Did this film have another part?


2016-07-24 00:15:10

I loved the first movie. Would be awesome aand a definite watch. Please come out with the 2nd movie


2016-07-24 00:36:27

Love I Am Number Four. Just watch it today. Do good. Can't wait for part 2


2016-07-24 00:36:33

I really want to see the other movies for this movie I am number four I love all the books I have read them a million times. MAKE THE MOVIES FOR THEM!!


2016-07-24 04:55:18

Please we need to carry on with the story... ! AWESOME MOVIE... got all the ingredients to keep you hooked on it. Please somebody should make this happen, the sequel of this fantastic movie. Thank you!


2016-07-24 09:53:33

Hey the movie was really great. Had me hanging on by a thread. I consider it my favorite movie. Please let there be a second movie.


2016-07-25 01:36:52

When is the sequal I am 4 2 coming out. A lot of fans are waiting


2016-07-26 19:06:59

It's about damn time what took you so long


2016-07-27 19:18:36



2016-07-30 12:38:16

I enjoyed I am Number Four. I watch it every time it comes on. But, it left me hanging. I want to know what happened next, will they find the others, will the young man's father be found, do they have more powers. I watched "I Am Number Four" again nd again it's too Ausome I'm waiting for "part-2"


2016-07-31 03:25:24

Just watched and loved it am very excited for 2 to come out like she said we need answers loved everything about tge show great entertainment please don't disappoint us by not making another movie .


2016-07-31 04:39:34

I cant wait for the power of six to come out.


2016-07-31 04:56:38

I am waiting for part-2


2016-08-04 14:28:51

new part 2


2016-08-04 16:20:25

Jesus! If this movie is actually releasing, I am going to be so hooked! I just finished the last book, 'United As One' and felt empty. If this movie comes out, it'll definitely be a day to remember :D


2016-08-06 21:05:59

Cepat diriliskan i am number four yang ke 2

Matthew Mclaurin

2016-08-13 05:54:57

I'm looking forward to part 2, I'm hoping Part 2 start off at the part where they ride out to go find the others like them... But other than that I was a good movie..


2016-08-20 06:05:05

I really want to see the next sequel for I am number four... power of six. The first one was awesome.


2016-08-29 15:03:36

I am number four 2 release date

Mallory sears

2016-08-29 16:27:38

When is the second movie to I am number four coming out I just watched the movie the other day and got mad because I wanna know if there is another one after it and if so when does it come out


2016-09-05 11:43:14

This gonna be another epic part to enjoy watching 10 times and never get enough of it..


2016-09-09 01:01:18

Yes, I hope there's cone by a part 2 off the movie I am number 4. It is a great movie. The make a lot of sequels of other great movies like: lord off de ring and Harry potter and hunger games and so on. I think they won't make a other part of this movie because they ar a fret that they can doe better dan the other movies that I have write done above. I hope that they do because It was a great movie. And I think that they can do it. And if they wil do it is gone by just as great as part 1. I hope dat when they do a second part that this movie. That they begin where they have leave off.


2016-09-11 12:08:33

Can't wait for part 2!... Bring it on already


2016-09-11 12:14:22

I've watched Four 4 times. Each time more attention to action by Six and Four and the poetry between Four and Sara. Sam brings reality to the cast and his energy is bolting to find his dad and what lies ahead. Bring it all together in the sequel where they find the others like themselves; hide their trails after they conquer the bad guys; have Four return to Ohio forever to be with Sara while Six joins them to be the watcher along with Sam.

Chris G

2016-09-11 15:01:55

When is I am number for 2 come out???


2016-09-11 23:38:00

I have seen this movie like 10 times and still love every part of it can't wait for 2nd I read there were 6 book on the original story they should make a series of it keep up the good job


2016-09-12 00:37:37

Love it they need to come out more. Please!

Danielle Northam

2016-09-12 00:53:04

Love love the series! Read all the books! If you guys want to know what happens just read. However, I loved film one of the Lorian series! Would love to see more!


2016-09-12 00:54:18

Very interested in i am number four 2 and I think continuing the story line with the others they were looking for with the blue stone, but more 2016 action, good real action and cinematography, story line, cliff hanger, and production needs to be on point in order to keep us into this great movie. My teenage daughter loves it.


2016-09-12 01:06:39

Love number four can't wait for more


2016-09-12 01:11:39

We want more of number 4 &6 and the rest of the story it's like waking up half way in a dream and never dreaming it again and the open wonder of what happened you can't just make one movie of a series of them that's like not making all of the Harry potters or all of the die hards or rockys come o. Make the movies


2016-09-12 01:12:34

We have been waiting patiently, for years, for the second part to "I am number 4" to come out. What a great sci-fi story line. Better than most movies out there. What happened on their planet for them to leave. I don't want to read the books, I want to see the movie, because I am a movie buff. There are so many details left out, which is good, because the next movie can be written with a great plot while still continuing from the last movie.

Car guy

2016-09-12 10:55:17

I hope they make the sequel.!


2016-09-15 04:58:31

Please make the second movie of I am number 4, I'm dying to see it


2016-09-17 21:21:13

I'm waiting to see the new one when is it coming out


2016-09-18 18:38:34

I can't wait for the new one to be released. It's a torture that I've been under since 2011. I don't get tired of watching the current one over and over again. Please work harder on getting this movie out for us fans.


2016-09-23 21:37:42

I am excited to watch part 2 because the part is unclear and has unhappy ending with feeling of cry seeing how those couple get far from each other. Wanted them to meet each other again.


2016-09-28 15:18:01

Movie show


2016-09-28 23:37:26

come on!!! power of six please on the big screen!!!!! i just finished the book (I AM NUMBER FOUR ) JUST A FEW MINUTES AGO! and well yeah, they murdered the story in the movie but I really enjoyed watching it before that i keep on playing it and watching it on cable.. WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR???


2016-10-02 22:48:53

I am getting quite old now. I loved I am Four. Please please hurry up with the second one. I don't want to die and miss it. Ta


2016-10-05 01:26:05

I really love this movie can't wait til part two.


2016-10-05 08:49:58

i really did love the first one and i am a little shock that there will be another if so i cannot wait to see it so i really do hope there is a 2nd number four movie.


2016-10-05 15:54:20

It was a sick movie I just watched it yesterday, gunna put it on again seen it bout a million times...waiting for 2nd part.left me with the same questions what happens next what powers they have the rest of them.do the other ones have there garudens.will more evil come just hope it is as sick as the first one.


2016-10-06 13:18:43

I am enjoy movie i am number fouri love that dog and lovers please next love story is is is


2016-10-07 07:36:37

I do hope there would be a part to. To the I am number four it was a great movie

Summer jane

2016-10-07 21:47:15

I really enjoyed I am number four and have been dying for the next one! I think it would be a hit if all the movies were made and don't see why they aren't. Books also seemed to get bought more when there's a movie release.


2016-10-09 19:11:31

I think they are referring to this fake trailer.. they take pieces from the actors other movies to make it seem real. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U3P8gJd3sek


2016-10-10 09:21:58

I am number four 2 release date


2016-10-10 20:31:41

Read through entire series only after seeing the movie as I couldn't resist. Its one of the best novels. Even requested dreamworks website for squeal. It will be wonderful to see it in movie theater. Power of Six is action packed Seven Mariana and Eight who dies betrayed by Five and nine and ten. Ultimate revenge on Setrákus Ra.... in the last book....awesome action packed...i do not want to spoil the thrill but believe me I bought the entire series over the period as soon as it was released...even pre-booked on kindle....tats fascinating the series it... Plz make movie of the entire series dreamworks


2016-10-12 03:29:15

Some intelligent research on accountants, budgets. writers and directors and story lines could result in a very profitable science fiction film.- Teresa was great and as a potential action adventure actress This film is still liked and remembered by a multitude of people who spend money at movies


2016-10-15 03:25:29

Come on release the movie already


2016-10-16 10:37:42

I m no 4 movie is barrielent.. I hope so I m no 4 part batter than first part.


2016-10-17 00:04:29

I loved the movie, I'm 58 and found the movie very entertaining. But it left a void. I'm looking forward to the next one. And with the technology it should be SUPER!!


2016-10-17 00:07:31

I loved I Am Number Four....left me wanting to see more.


2016-10-17 00:09:06

When are you going to release the sequel? Been waiting long enough!


2016-10-17 00:11:15

Please sec part


2016-10-17 00:11:34

Great.....Great movie


2016-10-17 03:18:31

Please keep this story going, it is probably my favorite story of all time. I love the whole universe they have made for this story, and I feel like they have barely crossed the thersh hold on this reality. I've been dying to know if they are actually going to make a sequel, does anyone know?


2016-10-17 06:09:14

Loved "I am four" good movie, waiting for the sequel! hope the new one comes out soon! Can't imagine why it wouldn't be released ? Still waiting for the sequel ???!!!

superior daisuke niwa

2016-10-25 05:23:22

please................... release the part 2 of I am number four.........


2016-10-25 05:52:54

The next movie name is not "I Am Number Four 2", it is "The Power of Six".


2016-10-27 00:51:45



2016-10-28 16:24:30

All characters have a played a well magnificent job on this movie.. It's really enjoyable and an amazing story to watch.... Please, I hope and for you to come up with part 2 & 3 plus I hope it would be a continuous movie like a series movie coz it's really fascinating and an excellent friction story to watch... I Love it!!!!!!!


2016-11-02 05:50:49

Hopefully more of the series comes out i will be the first one at the theater waiting for my ticket!


2016-11-02 05:53:47

The movie was amazing and I hope they for sure come out with number 2


2016-11-02 06:00:12

Please we want I am number four Part 2 to be released!! Waiting impatiently.. Thanks Dee p.s. Same cast !!


2016-11-02 08:02:08

Please hurry up and make another I love this movie and I want to see what happens please


2016-11-02 15:52:15

just make the sequel already i have been waiting forever

Amelia Amouteru

2016-11-04 03:41:47

I am a total fan but i have a book crush on number 4. Sorry to be a party pooper but Sarah Hart dies in book 6. But i think the author made a mistake. Six should dump Sam and go for Four. But in the end Four and Marina maybe a couple. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! Sooo much feeels.

John Smith

2016-11-09 07:24:01

So many misspellings


2016-11-15 22:36:45

I wish they would make the movie. I'm 4 its really good I want to know what happened nexts. But they never made the movie that really sucks


2016-11-17 04:53:23

I want to watch the part 2 of "I am Number 4." This movie was my favorite... I very excited to watch it.


2016-11-18 20:42:32

I want know


2016-11-20 23:52:06

I love i am number four. One of my favorite movies. I have been waiting it seems like forever part 2...


2016-11-21 21:06:44

when part 2 can't weight for it best movie ever seen

Diana Lynn GRAVES

2016-11-23 23:31:45

Yes, I am really looking forward to the sequel called WE ARE SIX. I am Four was not only entertaining but interesting in its concepts that we may have aliens living among us quietly blending in.

2016-11-24 21:09:52

Love this movie


2016-11-27 04:07:02

The first movie was awesome! Have been waiting for 2nd part to come out. When will it!!!!!!!#


2016-11-27 04:19:41

Loved the movie. Cannot wait for the sequel.


2016-11-27 04:24:00

I loved the movie and I do not read book when I can see the action with my eyes and enjoy what it gives to my mind. Please I hope they release the part 2 soon.


2016-11-27 13:13:57

Ireally hope there will be more movies, there is so much left to tell . I would love to see how the big screen lays it all out there are a lot of movies out there but this is by far one of my top films great writing and directing.


2016-11-29 08:05:39

There is a #2.. It is called "The power of six"....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3P8gJd3sek

Rachel Frost

2016-11-30 09:32:11

I loved " I am number four"!!!! Please please please make the next movie soon? It's been 5 years since the first movie came out. I am so interested in the next movie. I am not a book person but I love the books that turn into movies.


2016-12-02 05:24:20

I want to see I am 4 2


2016-12-02 09:27:18

Just enjoyed the first I am number four. Please please please. Make a I am the fourth #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016-12-04 01:08:31

I am number four should be a series to catch up do I like it yes


2016-12-04 07:01:10

Can you please give me the release date of I am number four part 2. I love s the first one and it just left me hanging I want to know what happens.


2016-12-04 23:57:56

Its about time - how long are we going to have to wait for a sequel.?! Pls make it Soon


2016-12-06 02:40:15

Oh man I sure hope they make a 2nd part just to at least give us a final conclusion to the story. I loved the first one.

Tomeka James

2016-12-10 18:04:26

Hi, mmy children and I loved the movie IAM FOUR . Please bring us a sequel! !!

Nick printz

2016-12-11 03:50:37

Plz can you directors make a another I am number four movie or least tell me if you make a another one plz I really loved the movie I also read your books they are interesting plz try to make a movie your favorite fan Nick PS I read a lot of your books they are cool


2016-12-12 07:00:54

Please make the movie ❤️❤️


2016-12-13 01:08:14

Very good movie


2016-12-17 05:21:43

Me and my son love this


2016-12-20 00:36:20

The movie is interesting, but it just doesn't do the books any justice. If you have questions you want answered, try reading the books. They are more time consuming then a movie, but they go into more detail and are just overall better.

Natasha Rodriguez

2016-12-22 22:22:20

Release the fucking movie bitches


2016-12-23 19:40:38

I love the movie I am number four I watch the movie at least twice a day to see if I can remember the words


2016-12-28 00:05:52

Please make the sequel I am number 4. This is a great movie and one of my weekly favourites. I have watched it about 50 times and want a sequel released


2017-01-01 10:49:53

What an AMAZING Movie! my husband and I had seen it when it first came out and we are watching it for the second time now it's on TNT... looking forward to the next one / part 2! "Happy New Year Everyone"


2017-01-01 11:11:27

I just saw "I ...four". I loved it. Would be great to see how John and Jane find the others and what powers and what love interests.


2017-01-03 06:43:56

Y'all gotta make another one! This series is too lit for y'all to stop wit dis movie. And if u keep fans waiting to long they won't will lose interest and you won't have nobody wanting to watch it at all so u lose money. So I advise u make power if six and don't stop there. U should make rise of nine, fall of five, revenge of seven, fate of ten, and united as one.

2017-01-08 05:34:29

We have been anxiously awaiting the next movie "I am Number Four 2"

2017-01-08 07:48:43

i think you should keep making the series cause the first one was really great and too excited to see the rest of them come out!!


2017-01-09 02:40:07

Please make a movie no. 2....I just recently rewatched one and really wished there was a two...how can you end that way


2017-01-16 19:55:55

I am interested and writing for it.


2017-02-05 01:51:25

loved the film I am Number Four..!!!!!!!, but when will the sequel be released..? Or has it...?? help


2017-02-08 19:49:54

I don't wanna read the books I fell in love with the movie and its characters that played the roles. I'm gonna wait and hopefully there will be a movie soon. It's like to me twilight never read the books but enjoyed the movies....


2017-03-20 00:06:08

I enjoyed I Am Four the first time and the multi times thereafter. I truly hope the sequel will come out soon


2017-03-26 20:36:23

The books are so amazing and I also loved the movie. The movie was similar to the book but also very different at the same time. I am really hoping that they will make make movies similar to the books eventually.


2017-04-03 02:03:51

Can't wait for the sequel!!!!

ajju bhai

2017-04-18 11:43:10

It is fantastic movie and fabulous every words come less for this movie please make it second part I am waiting from 2012


2017-04-18 22:18:25

Where the hell iv I been didn't even no this film existed till about a wk ago n omg I loved it n now find out they r doin another film is fantastic,loved loved love it plz make a follow up ,it left to much of a cliffhanger to b a 1 off


2017-04-30 00:50:09

I have watched the movie multiple times. It was ok, could have even much better. I have read every book there is by Piticus Lore. Great, great books. I cannot put them down. It seems to me, if they did it right, a movie series could be very successful.


2017-05-11 19:37:15

I've watched I am #4 a half dozen times and am anxiously awaiting for the sequel. There are many unanswered questions from the movie I'd like to see explained, like how were the 9 chosen to survive off planet. What is the function of the box that 4 carries? Would love to see the powers of the other 4 children of the 9 and how they take care of the Mogadorians once and for good! Overall a great film with action sequences and CGI I've never seen before. Please continue the series!


2017-05-13 04:27:52

Please make a part to please....


2017-05-15 19:07:07

They next to make part 2 to i am number four me am kids love the first movie. My son read the book and he loves them.


2017-05-19 08:40:38

"Dianna Agron" and "alex pettyfer" please work in movie "i am number four" and cimplete part 2 then inform me when the release part 2 ok

deepak kumar rawat

2017-05-19 08:43:40

I like the movie i am number 4 please make this movie part 2 i mostly waited this movie part 2


2017-06-05 02:25:59

We need a continuation to I am four part 2. The first left a lot to be said, but I definitely want a continuation.


2017-08-12 21:13:04

So is part 2 still coming out or has it been cancel


2017-12-24 00:09:43

Love the first on and I'm besude my self for next.


2018-03-11 22:11:20

Loved the first. Hope for second


2018-03-16 06:30:36

I AM FOUR was excellent. Where is I am Four 2??? Not fair to followers of this show. Please get a release date sooner than later. It is 2018 now!! Thanks


2018-04-05 10:01:29

I loved it hope it’s a number 2


2018-04-15 20:09:36

i am waiting for i am no. 4- 2 i want to know if no. 4 gets back with sarah


2018-05-25 05:31:25

I loved this movie. I have watched it so many time and each time I see something I missed the first time. Please do a next charter of this. I want to know if they find the others 1,2,3,5,7,8 and 9.. Great Movie!!!! Bring it on soon...


2018-08-24 22:31:47

Still wondering if there's more to the first movie. I just researched the first one, + it's reminded me I'm missing what happens next!

Angelie Shania Ramsahai

2019-03-05 00:23:22

Comment (at least 5 characters)...

angelie shania ramsahai

2019-03-05 00:30:59

what is the date for I am number 4 part 2.
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