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Hancock 2

The original name: Hancock 2
Duration: min.
Genge: Comedy, Fiction
Country: USA
Release date USA: TBA

Plot & Details


There are no confirmed details so far as to the second season plot and storyline. However, we still have multiple rumors floating in the global net. It’s said that part 2 is going to be based mainly on romantic relationships between the main hero and his beloved woman called Mary Embrey. Charming Charlize Theron has left a hole in the movie as her performance in the new Hancock isn’t 100% confirmed up to this moment.

The plot of the series has always presented a sticking point for its creators. A new real struggle has to be figured out for Hancock as he is considered to be invincible. Now the issue is to get such a character somewhere.

Interesting fact: it leaked out that Hancock may cast Beyonce as Carly Kicker! Let’s wait and see!

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The question whether the second part of Hancock will ever be released became a painful one for some of the series fans. The case is that season 2 release was postponed many times in the course of last years. We have been promised to see new Hancock episodes yet 2 years ago but it never happened. Due to certain circumstances the series was shelved for several years and the nearest possible date of its release is 2016. Keep tuned, we will deliver further updates as soon as they are issued.

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Makiah Bullock

2016-06-16 09:49:00

I can't wait the first time I watch Hancock I was 10 now i'm 14 still waiting


2016-11-11 06:35:22

An noone cares !
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