Ghostbusters 3 Film release date July 15, 2016 (USA)

The original name: Ghostbusters
Director: Paul Feig
Duration: min.
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy
Genge: Comedy, Action
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2016-07-15

Plot & Details

About Ghostbusters

Once Wiig’s and McCarthy’s characters wrote a book about ghosts stating that they are real. Later Erin (played by Wiig) occupies a teaching position at one of the prestigious American universities but suddenly her old book emerges and she has to leave the teaching career being laughed out by colleagues and students. In a while New-York gets invaded by ghosts and Erin together with her old friends team up to clean the city from the supernatural activity.

A couple of month ago official stills were revealed featuring the team geared up with the special tech wearing their suits. We can see in the background their new fully equipped car. They look like they are absolutely ready to trap a few ghosts!

We don’t know yet if this female team is going to live up to the original cast so we are looking forward to watching a trailer. There is no information yet on its premier date so keep following us for instant updates and later you’ll get to know the air date of the movie.

What else can you learn about Ghostbusters 3?

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The new Ghostbusters are coming soon as the reboot of the original film. Starring a female team, K. Wiig, M. McCarty, K. McKinnon, L. Jones, it has a full potential to succeed. The filming is in progress in New-York City with some scenes being shot in Boston. The release date of the movie is scheduled on 15/07/2016. 

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Ghostbusters 3 release date


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