Constantine 2 release date - unknown

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-07-04

It seems the tremendously popular movie is back with its second part. At least the fact was confirmed by the movie producer who answering the reporter’s question said, that they have been working with a group of writers on Constantine 2 and it will come out with Keanu Reeves casting. As to the most puzzling question - when will be the release date of the second part – there is no preliminary information or any further updates as to it. So, let’s get prepared to be patient.

The original name: Constantine 2
Duration: min.
Cast: Keanu Reeves
Genge: Fantasy, Thriller
Country: USA
Release date USA: unknown

About Constantine 2

Mr. Donner, the movie producer, has also leaked out in his interview in Los Angeles that they have found a really great area for filming and it’s not in America. Constantine 2 will have another director, but Francis Lawrence, the previous one, will take part in the process as a producer. The movie team is going to maintain exactly his vision while creating the second part.

The first part of the movie was pretty successful with viewers in all corners of the world. It was a really visionary and masterful creation that left million of viewers partial to the story and wishing to see the continuation of it. Are you one of them?

What else can you learn about Constantine 2?

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Constantine 2 release date - unknown
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