The company presented the Indian bike Chief Dark Horse 2016

author of the review Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-04-21

More recently, Indian Motorcycle Company presented a new project - Indian Chief Dark Horse.

Brand: Chief Dark Horse
Model: Chief Dark Horse 2016
Country: USA
Price: 17 000 $

The bike is designed based on the old design, which a few years ago gave birth to brand Indian. The design of the unit is painted in black, chrome Only the cooling fins, but they are great to join in the general dark background art. Aggressive Design Dark Horse significantly distinguishes it from its predecessors.

The manufacturer successfully reduced the weight of the machine by eliminating the oil cooler and equipment motorcycle only single seats. With this Dark Horse has become the easiest motorcycle production in the history of Indian Chief. In turn, a small weight made it possible to accelerate the motorcycle to 100 km. in seconds.

But we should not forget that the Indian - elite company. This means that Dark Horse is not deprived of "stuff," as the cruise control, push-button ignition and ABS. The device has a factory warranty of 2 years with no mileage limitations.

The cost of the bike will be about 17 thousand dollars. Sales of Indian Chief Dark Horse in 2016 in Europe and the United States began in February. When the machine gets to the Russian market - is unknown.

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The company presented the Indian bike Chief Dark Horse 2016
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