Witcher 3 Blood and Wine release date - Autumn, 2016

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
date: 2016-01-22

At the moment, hard to say anything about the future of this project. The unknown and the exact release date, but guided by the logic and common sense, it can be concluded that the new game will be released in the autumn of 2016, and perhaps later. Wait additions can be leisurely, as recently published an excellent addition "Hearts of Stone." And in "Wild Hunt", you can play another year.

The original name: Witcher 3 Blood and Wine
Genre: PRG
Developer: CD Projekt Red
Publisher: CD Projekt
Platform: PC, XONE, PS4

About Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

The same players will appreciate the «Witcher 3 Blood and Wine»? This game will be the final story of the main character - Geralt. This has already been said many times the creators of the game and not just hinted at it. Now it became certain that the way it is, and Geralt will not appear in the Proceedings of the game. In addition, the creators have promised that they will present the new part of the audience dangerous antagonist, which they accurately remembered. In addition, it promised to develop a coherent story and an interesting storyline.

According to the most daring assumptions this game, as well as additions to it will be the best thing that ever seen players who have tried all the other parts.

Follow the news on the future of this project on our website. Here you will find a large number of current news on the different films, TV series and video games. Here you will find new information in relation to «Witcher 3 Blood and Wine». If you change the release date, you will be able to learn about it.

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine release date

Autumn, 2016

What else can you learn about the game: Witcher 3 Blood and Wine?

So, look, we have description, trailer and wallpapers (photos from the gameplay). If for some And what is missing, please contact us, all add. What do we have? We do not have enough high-quality reviews. Dear friends, we are waiting for you to help, please contact us, we will post them. We can not play all games physically, but sometimes you want to just pick up, for example, Mafia 3.

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Witcher 3 Blood and Wine 2016
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