Black Desert release date - 2016

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
date: 2015-10-21

Black Desert - a project of the South Korean developers of the studio Pearl Abyss, who intends to finally move the World of Warcraft from the throne of the most popular MMORPG-game. While comparing these games can not be considered too right inherently, because the Black Desert is a completely different combat system is the Action-game.

The original name: Black Desert
Developer: Pearl Abyss
Publisher: Pearl Abyss
Platform: PC, PS4

The project is based on its own engine, called BD Engine. We already know the very specific system requirements: Processor IntelCorei3, graphics card of GeForce GTS 250 and a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. We also know that Pearl Abyss did not create versions for Mac and Linux, as a minimum of Windows on which it will - Windows 7.

In this October, the game turned into a stage of open testing and release should wait until 2016.

Among the original features of the game should be mentioned "seamlessness of the world" and the presence of a variety of different climatic zones, where the character needs appropriate clothing, such as the Arctic or the hot deserts continents. The weather conditions are very dynamic and are not dependent on a particular location. All game space promises exceed 2 times analogue in WoW. Overall, the project is clearly going to be interesting if the developers will make a normal free-2-play model.

What else can you learn about the game: Black Desert?

So, look, we have description, trailer and wallpapers (photos from the gameplay). If for some And what is missing, please contact us, all add. What do we have? We do not have enough high-quality reviews. Dear friends, we are waiting for you to help, please contact us, we will post them. We can not play all games physically, but sometimes you want to just pick up, for example, Mafia 3.

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Black Desert
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