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The original name: Witchfire
Genre: FPS, Action, Shooter
Developer: The Astronauts
Publisher: The Astronauts
Platform: PC

Plot & Details

The Astronauts, creators of the graphically impressive adventure The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, are currently working on the fantasy action game Witchfire. As cool as the game looks, you can not expect to be presented with a big story.

The development team states that it has no capacity to tell a story based on cut scenes. That would not fit the structure of the game. But that does not mean that you have to do without a story altogether. In the course of the game, you will always find snippets that bring you closer to the lore of the game. How exactly that happens is still unclear. However, the developers claim that they are inspired by Bloodborne and Dark Souls. This should then create a dense atmosphere and immerse you in the game world.

According to developers, Witchfire will not be released before 2020.

Can I Run Witchfire?

If the game will be released on the PC, then the game at medium settings in the FHD (1980x1080) 30FPS you need a PC with the minimum system requirements. System requirements Witchfire see above.

You can register on site, add Witchfire to your personal waitlist and take part in the construction of the rankings anticipated games 2019. Now the most anticipated game is GTA 6.

System requirements: coming soon

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  Game status

Witchfire release date

  2020 - to be announced

Last updated: 2019-03-30   + Add official date

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