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The original name: Dreams
Genre: Sandbox
Developer: Media Molecule
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PS4

Plot & Details

Dreams was announced five years ago, but for a long time it was quiet about the exclusive PlayStation 4 game. The only thing known was that in the title of Little Big Planet and Tearaway Unfolded developer Media Molecule is about to be able to dive into various gameplay experiences.

In game we take control of the little robot Debug, which reminds a bit of Eve from Wall-E and his way through a fantastic, dangerous world. The style of the adventure is similar to Fe, just like there, the world is relatively gloomy, but full of small, loving surprises.

With Debug, we solve platformer puzzles that look amazingly fresh, but are not really demanding yet. However, we play only a small part of his story, maybe this will be even more challenging at a later time. The developer tells us that our debug adventure is only one-third of Story Mode.

The developers of Media Molecule are based on their previous Little Big Planet parts, but the community should be much more options available. You can design characters and environments independently, there are various gameplay possibilities and as music it is even possible to implement your own works and sounds.

Dreams is not just for hobbyists, but especially for young designers and developers who want to take their first steps in the video game industry. It is conceivable that developers will eventually apply with their built Dreams experiences at their first potential employer.

Can I Run Dreams?

If the game will be released on the PC, then the game at medium settings in the FHD (1980x1080) 30FPS you need a PC with the minimum system requirements. System requirements Dreams see above.

You can register on site, add Dreams to your personal waitlist and take part in the construction of the rankings anticipated games 2019. Now the most anticipated game is GTA 6.

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