US presidential election will be held November 8, 2016

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Date: 2015-07-25

At the current president of the United States Barack Obama left little Bole year in office. Already November 8, 2016 elections will be held next president. Among the candidates for the post referred to by several names from both the Democrats and by Republicans. Currently called 4 the name: Hillary Clinton, Jebb Bush, Donald Trump and Scott Walker.

Country: USA

US presidential election 2016

United States presidential election 2016 - 58th US presidential election, scheduled for Tuesday. If their candidate the Democrats decided rather quickly, and the candidacy of Hillary Clinton has always been seen as the most real, the Republicans still can not choose the right one politician who will represent them in the presidential elections. Most recently, the candidates Jebb Bush and Donald Trump joined the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, who announced his decision with the help of the social network Twitter.

As expected, in their pre-election programs of the main topics is the prosperity of the country, their leadership in the world economy and politics. Also important chapters in each program is the relationship with Russia, where every single candidate offers further pressure on the country.

But when you consider that until the election is still more than a year, depending on the situation in the world of the program may also undergo changes.

US presidential election 2016 release date

November 8, 2016

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US presidential election, when they? - November 8, 2016 release date
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US presidential election 2016 release date?