The Oscars 2016 | 88th Academy Awards release date - February, 28

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2016-02-20

For all moviegoers no event more important than the Academy Awards and determining who among all the nominees appeared most worthy of the coveted Oscar. However, when the awarding and delivery of prizes this year? Traditionally this event takes place near the end of February and in this case, 2016, it will happen on 28 February. The program will be broadcast live, as it can be to look at the record. Do not miss the ceremony because this time the race was particularly hard and had a lot of worthy nominees.

Country: USA

At that time Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for this award, and tries to prove that it is the best actor of the year. Whether he was lucky this time? He fights for the award, presented to the jury of their role in the film "Survivor." By the way, this picture snatched the most nominations of 12 different categories. Next comes the "Mad Max" and its 10 categories.

Leading the ceremony, the famous American comedian Chris Rock was chosen. The man is the second time will lead delivery of "Oscar", so that the experience in these cases, it certainly has.

Applicants were voiced more January 14, 2016, so that everyone can find a list of the nominees, to sympathize with those who have not made the list and cheer for the actors, for the painting that you especially have taken to heart this year.

Do not miss this most important event of the year.

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The Oscars 2016 | 88th Academy Awards release date February, 28
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