Intel 2016 — Skylake new platform and data transmission technology WiGig

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-05-01

Today our lives are so many gadgets and devices we use on a daily basis, the number of connecting wires are woven into an immense spider web to get rid of that - this is the dream of every modern man.

Type: Other
Manufacturer: Intel
Country: USA

It's time to dream of all wireless technologies. Intel has finally listened to our requests and has developed a novelty Skylake, which finally deliver us from the heap of wires near the computer desk and give the opportunity to move freely from the system unit. New technology developed for data - WiGig, allow in the near future to completely abandon the transmission signals of wires and cables connected to the monoblock all devices without their participation. Data will be thanks to him at speed 7 GB / second. A range of activities will be allowed distance of 10 meters. As a further development of similar technologies and capabilities include Intel Wireless Charging for laptops, whose name Rezence. They will operate on the principle of magnetic resonance imaging, which allows you to connect to itself charging several devices.

These innovations promise to soon bring us to the time of a significant breakthrough when the wire will no longer interfere with our lives, work and play.

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Intel 2016 — Skylake new platform and data transmission technology WiGig
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