Apple, iPhone 7 – release date of a new Smartphone

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-05-26

In autumn 2014 we all got iPhone 6. Only half a year passed since than and everyone is already talking about new iPhone 7 which is impatiently expected. Apple Company has its own traditions: each year they release a new phone, but present it to public only in autumn, exactly in September, on the third Friday. Thus, iPhone 7 as well should be expected this year on 18, September.

Type: Phone
Manufacturer: Apple
Country: USA

It’s known so far that the new phone will have bigger screen than iPhone 6 which means more than 5.5 inches. Developers claim that it will have ultrahigh accuracy. Glass is planned to be made of sapphire which is really effective for making the screen robust, scratches and cracks resistant.

The new thing will be supplied with unusual unblock system: a method of face recognition will be used. This will provide a safe and trustful security system. The main camera of iPhone 7 is going to feature 14 megapixels.

Video and photo cameras

The new phone will be stuffed with an unusual unblock system: developers used the method of face recognition. This will provide a safe security system. The main camera of iPhone 7 is going to feature 14 megapixels. Apart from the main camera iPhone 7 will be supplied with additional, front one. It features resolution of 5 megapixels. If one sounds certain words as a special signal, the camera is going to make photos and record sounds in stereo mode by itself.

iPhone’s productivity

So far apple is going to use A8 dual-core processor to increase new gadget’s productivity. But it’s supposed that a new more powerful processor will appear by autumn so it is going to be used instead. Integral memory will be increased up to 256 GB. It might seem not a great achievement, but considering that up to this moment the maximum volume of the integral memory known is 128 GB, we will feel happy with this new gadget.

New technologies

It’s known that iPhone 7 body will be very light due to new technologies used in this model. The gadget itself will be as well much lighter comparing to previous model. The body of iPhone will be made of «liquid» metal or amorphous alloy which will give it durability and robustness. Metal structure is being changed on atomic level: thus, improved quality parameters such as lightness, robustness and corrosion resistance are achieved.

Battery capacity will be increased. The new iPhone will feature a 3400 mAh battery which is quite considerable difference comparing to version 6 that features 1800 mAh battery. Besides, iPhone 7 will be equipped with mini projector as well. But these projectors feature high power and provide possibility to play the records on the big screens.

New gadget expected price

The approximate price of iPhone will be in the range of 650-850 dollars. Such a difference in price is explained by 3 production variants existing: exclusive models, expensive and budget ones. For sure exclusive models will be produced in small batches with high-technology equipment and they will cost too much for an ordinary customer. But budget variants will become the most popular considering as well the fact that the gadget fans are already in premonition of its release.

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Apple, iPhone 7 – release date of a new Smartphone, rumours, price and specs
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