Sony Playstation 5 release date, rumors

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-05-26

Just recently the next game product «Sony PlayStation» 4 appeared on sale, but yet already discussions of new 5th generation playing console release have begun in the world net. Do you want to know more about Sony PlayStation 5? Well, there are a lot of news as well as rumors.

Type: Game console
Manufacturer: Sony
Price: 500$
Country: Japan

Are the rumors as to the play station release grounded?

The rumors as to the new PlayStation 5 release made afloat the head of Sony Corporation in England Fergal Gara, having announced company’s plans to launch a new type of gaming devices.

From the contents of his brief speech it’s quite clear that we can expect improvements in gaming technologies and release of next generation play stations. And considering the 4th series sales level and growth of interest towards consoles, PS 5 release in the nearest future is pretty grounded and quite possible. But the exact date of playing console release is unfortunately not known yet.

Expected external parameters and price

As to the form and exterior of the new playing console we can only claim that it is going to be square and of black color. There are some patterns of Sony PlayStation 5 design in the net, but they have no confirmation.

It’s very difficult to talk about expected price of the play station. Prices depend on many factors and are changed constantly. But considering the price of previous consoles we can suppose that it will be somewhat around 400-500 dollars.

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Sony Playstation 5 release date rumors as to the new generation play station release
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