Coronavirus Covid-19 news in Russia, infection statistics

Hello. My name is Sergey.

I work as an editor of this service. It so happened that I live in Russia;) People around the world are interested in the real statistics of coronavirus cases. Our situation on March 31, 2020 is as follows.







Why are there such small numbers in such a big country? I dont know. I can only guess. Perhaps we are such a people that we are treated at home, do not seek help from doctors. We are waiting until the last and hope for Russian chance. Perhaps our rulers do not want to voice the numbers, due to economic considerations. Someday they will tell us the truth.

I believe that the situation with political changes in the country is most likely. Our constitution is changing. Against this background, many positive amendments are being created for society and people. But there is one point that worries everyone. Resetting presidential terms.

From March 28, we were told to stop working in offices. We were sent home. This is not quarantine yet.

I will keep up to date with news and statistics from Russia on this page. Thanks.

For the past year, our programmer has been working on updating the service. Soon we will launch a brand new and useful Best regards, Sergei.

UP 30/03/2020

From today, all of Moscow is switching to a regime of self-isolation. It is not yet known how long this will last. Many people do not understand the seriousness of the situation. No one wants to lose their freedom of movement.

Today is my first day of work from home. I have a wife and a son. The day passes very quickly, because you are constantly distracted by something. It's too early to talk about productivity.

As for the coronavirus, it is gaining momentum in Russia. There are more and more infected.