Zootopia release date is March 4, 2016

author of the review Maxim Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-07-09

One of the Disney Pictures’ newest and the most successful projects Zootopia will be released in 2016. The exact date of the animated movie has been officially confirmed already, thus we expect Zootopia to premiere on March 4, 2016. The movie is said to hit theaters with 3D.

The original name: Zootopia
Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Duration: min.
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Country: USA

About Zootopia

Walt Disney studio is famous all over the world for its incredibly successful and amazing animated series. Zootopia is one of them, the project that enjoys interest and acclaim of million people all over the world, both children and adults!

The story of the animated movie is set in a wonderful place called Zootopia – an imaginary animal city. The storyline follows a fast-talking fox, the main personage of the movie. It has been accused of a crime on a false pretext, and now he tries to run away from behind the frames.

The top cop of Zootopia city is a self-righteous rabbit starts chasing him after his getaway and gets really hot on fox’s tail. But then they both find themselves goals of a conspiracy and are forced to make a bond working together and find out that sometimes natural enemies are put in such circumstances that they become real friends.

What can you learn about the: Zootopia?

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Zootopia release date is March 4, 2016
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