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Date: 2016-12-28

Two More Eggs is a series of animated shorts produced by The Brothers Chaps for Disney XD's YouTube channel under the production company Citywide Hoop Champs Inc. The Brothers Chaps were well known as the makers of Homestar Runner. Two More Eggs season 3 release date - 2017, to be announced.

The original name: Two More Eggs season 3
Director: The Brothers Chaps
Duration: 2 min.
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Country: USA

In the center of the cartoon story is the story of a simple laborer named doubles. The boy is not very attractive appearance. But puzatika Doubles was a lot of friends with whom he liked to spend as much time as possible. And all thanks to the unusual sense of humor of the protagonist. He could not live a day without having to not play somebody. Sometimes the jokes did manage to fame, sometimes not. But life went on as usual. In general, the double was very ordinary guy who went to work and did all the things that make ordinary people. Of course, the sense of adventure and fun in life is constantly creating a lot of different takes of small troubles, but it - it does not matter. The main thing that is with whom to deal with these troubles.

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