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Date: 2015-07-08

Have you been looking for the Toy Story part 4 release date? You’re in the right place then as we have answer to this and many other questions of movie fans. The release date of this wonderful series has been officially announced and confirmed by its creators and Pixar runners. New movie is scheduled to debut on June 16, 2017.

The original name: Toy Story 4
Duration: min.
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Country: USA

About Toy Story 4

Yes, it’s quite a huge gap to wait between the series parts, but in case with Toy Story it’s really worth it! Previous part is described by numerous fans of the movie as being «fantastic special». It should be noted that the movie was met with immense enthusiasm from the audience part despite the fact the series creators were not quite satisfied with its gatherings. As people say, Toy Story is filmed more for the reason of presenting a great idea, rather than provide Disney with more box office funds.

Fans have expressed their affection to the series characters many times, claiming that they have come to be real family members for them. The same can be heard from Pixar’s representatives, thus giving hope that we will see all our favorite personages in the next part.

Nothing is known about the plot of a new part so far, but it was said that it’s going to be a beautiful love story and is planned to be a separate story, standing apart sequel, not a part of previous trilogy.

What can you learn about the: Toy Story 4?

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