Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 release date - 2017, to be anounced

author of the review Maxim Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-09-10

The 2nd season of the popular Japanese manga anime series wrapped up in spring 2015 and the fans are anticipating the release date of the 3rd season. It wasn’t clear before if the producers were going to renew the show but the popularity index indicates that fans will definitely see Tokyo Ghoul again. The rumors swirl around about fall 2016 being scheduled to premier the season 3.

The original name: Tokyo Ghoul Season 3
Director: Shuhei Morita
Duration: 25 min.
Genre: Adventure, Action, Anime, Fantasy, Drama
Country: USA

About Anime Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Season 3 of a highly appealing to a big number of fans manga will focus on Ken Kaneki who will turn out to be amnesiac and known as Haise Sasaki. He will be a policeman investigating the cases of ghouls in a special unit called Quinx Squad. He and his colleagues – the other members of this unit – underwent a surgery of organ transplantation which enabled them to obtain extraordinary abilities like ghouls but still remaining humans. With their extra abilities they can easily encounter ghouls.

The 3rd season is going to be more intense and mysterious.

Since there is no official information about the premier date of season 3, get back to us later this year for updates. You can also sign up for our notifications and get notified about the air date as soon as it becomes announced. Meanwhile you can write your opinion about the previous seasons of manga series.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 release date

2017, to be anounced

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2016-06-01 04:07:11

Oh really? I'm the 11th. Let this come out already.


2017-01-10 19:30:40

Tokyo Ghoul is completely awesome . Everythang about it is mind blowing.