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Date: 2015-07-09

Those who have been impatiently waiting for this amazing animation to be released, we are ready to announce the inspired news: the movie will debut on November 25, 2015. So, it’s pretty soon already and we don’t have to wait too long to see this comedy animated movie from Pixar and Disney studios.

The original name: The Good Dinosaur
Director: Peter Sohn
Duration: min.
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Country: USA

About The Good Dinosaur

Are you ready for an excitement adventure with this new top-expected animated movie? Pixar studio is going to take you on an incredible epic journey to an imaginary world of ancient dinosaurs.

The question being asked is what if the huge asteroid that destroyed life on our Earth many centuries ago and changed it forever missed our planet and all dinosaurs that inhabited it at those times hadn’t become extinct.

At the Film Festival in Cannes the movie director gave out some details as to the future animation. After his father’s tragic death Arlo, a very attractive Apatosaurus, falls into a running river and it takes it from his home: Arlo becomes separated from family and totally alone. Trying to find his way home he makes friends with a human boy.

In the course of the movie he travels through mysteriously harsh landscapes, surrounding him, and learn how to confront his inner fears. He also discovers his inner forces and learns what he is capable to do and overcome.

What can you learn about the: The Good Dinosaur?

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