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Date: 2015-06-30

Company Disney Channel start broadcasting a new animated film «Star vs. The Forces of Evil». The audience loved it, and they are concerned about whether there will be a continuation of the animated film? It was learned that the second season will be released in early 2016.

The original name: Star vs The Forces of Evil Season 2
Director: Daron Nefcy
Duration: 22 min.
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Country: USA

The main character of the cartoon - Star. She is a princess and live in another dimension, which is called Meow. She was fourteen years old, and she has inherited become the owner of a magic wand. In the struggle with monsters Star overdo it and arranged for the defeat in the kingdom. For which he was sent to parents on Earth as punishment. They made a generous donation to the school principal that he took the girl and ordered her to the responsible student.

This student was Marco. Boy posing as a tough bully, but in fact was very quiet and calm. As a pupil exchange, Starr began to live in their family. The girl liked Marco parents. A boy had to get used to the wonders that it works in his room. But in the end, he loved to fight monsters and develop their skills at karate.

What awaits the viewer in the second season of the animated film? It will be known only after the premiere, which is scheduled for early 2016.

What can you learn about the: Star vs The Forces of Evil season 2?

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2015-09-22 04:53:09

Star spoke the whispering spell and destroyed her wand splitting it Toffee was in the explosion but logic dictates he might be back half of the star in the wand is underground which makes it imperative to retrieve it before Toffee or Ludo do.

kitten pro gaming

2015-11-05 18:34:53

star gave toffee the wand in order to save marco toffee said destroy it star said whattttt???? then she broke it and toffee let marco go and then the explosion happen and her parents take her back and if u continue it this should happen or would be reasonable **where star relise what she has done and whats her want back and tries to find it but she has to find it before toffee or ludo do if it falls in the wrong hands who knows what damage or possibly danger could happen will she get it in time or will toffee or ludo do and destroy her for good contine it to find out**


2016-02-29 00:59:01

How do I watch the trailer for season 2? Do they even have it? Is there somewhere I can watch it for FREE?!? Can someone please help me?!

2016-11-25 19:29:35