Ratatouille 2 release date

author of the review Maxim Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-11-17

Comedy cooking lovers and adventure already beloved pups cook again meet familiar characters in the animated film "Ratatouille-2", sequel to the successful animated film. The plot of the cartoon is dedicated to the preparation of the wonderful international cuisine chefs-class - animals! Irreconcilable enemies - the mouse and man - come together again in the competition who are better prepared.

The original name: Ratatouille 2
Duration: min.
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA

The food, particularly tasty, well cooked - it's good and real pleasure, that's the main idea of ​​this funny cartoon. Especially like this tape to anyone who sympathizes hooligan, but charming rodents, loving manage for a while in the kitchen.

The first part of the movie came out six years ago, audiences have been waiting for the continuation. Directed by "Ratatouille" Brad Bird is also the author of the famous hit "Mission: Impossible" and not so famous - "Your Friend the Rat" (which also speaks of his passion for this kind of living creatures). Was produced by Mark Osborne, previously issued the cartoon Kung Fu Panda, has earned a lot of praise and a warm welcome from the public.

Ratatouille 2 release date

2019, to be announced

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Ratatouille 2 release date 2019 (USA)
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2016-06-25 07:21:37


j swizzle with it

2019-03-21 17:00:41

aww man! congrats on being first, you earned it!

jamil shah

2016-07-09 23:58:26

It's just fabulous film waiting for sequel


2016-08-20 09:20:09

Hi guys is it really true the ratatouille is coming out of it is me and my family will big looking forward to a wonderfull movie


2019-04-19 16:32:46

No. It is BS.


2016-10-14 01:42:47



2016-10-21 18:40:04

My kids & I can't wait!


2017-01-06 23:02:00

Guess what year we have??? 2017 I'M WAITING .FINALLY .IS THIS TRUE OR WHAT .ALKFHFDKF


2017-01-06 23:07:06

My gosh ! What a coincidence! We don't have the description the trailer and the wallpapers! Can you please do some hong about that?


2019-04-19 16:30:43

This is just more weirdo BS, unfortunately. There's currently (2019) no production in progress of a Ratatouille sequel. The trailers on YouTube are all fake spam and the websites giving the plot and release date of 'Ratatouille 2' are completely made-up nonsense from weirdos. Sorry - lots of nutters online.