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Date: 2015-11-21

Already familiar from the first part of their favorite characters - forest zveryata all kinds - return to the big screen in the continuation of the animated film "Over the Hedge 2". The premiere of the movie is scheduled for 2017.

The original name: Over The Hedge 2
Duration: min.
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA

New cartoon talk about what animals hibernating may suddenly wake up and find on the head a lot of unusual adventures, amusing the audience in the course of the plot. That's unfortunate cherepashonok named Verney suddenly woke up out of season and found that his house was built around a large fence and tall buildings. Our friend raccoon Erjen spreads the legend that the new building - a mysterious gateway to the mysterious country, where all the animals will be many surprises. Strange people, unfamiliar noise and the prospect of new adventures attract the attention of animals that make a step towards a new life.

In turn Verney afraid of new dangers and tries to convince others not to cross the threshold of the mysterious house. But curiosity and love to have their adventures - the hero finds himself in and reveals the secret of the new building.

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