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Date: 2015-06-23

In this world, there is a God. At the very least, that such a conclusion can be made by looking at one season of the anime "Homeless god". In addition, as the name implies, it can still be homeless. Every man in the world waits to see what God will help him. So does the hero of the animated series. There is room in the sky, and when someone dials it, the homeless God immediately comes and helps. Season 1 cartoon captured the attention of many viewers.

The original name: Noragami Season 2
Director: Adachitoka
Duration: min.
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Fantasy
Country: Japan

A fascinating and rather original story perfectly lay on the anime genre of storytelling. And when the season 1 "Homeless god" ended, the fans of the series formed base interested, how soon will continue. Soon enough. At the end of this (2015) year, scheduled to run 2 season 1 series "Homeless God." Of course, there is information that it will happen much earlier - in the summer. Fans of anime like this situation even more.

The introduction of new characters to continue "Homeless God" will be required. The new situation will force viewers to reconsider their habitual way of life. Premiere Season 2 Anime soon, and then the 1 Series will change people's minds.

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2015-07-20 05:06:05

What day!!!!!!!!!!


2015-09-07 06:57:54

October 2nd! It's on Wikipedia. SPREAD THE WORD. SPREAD IT!

2015-11-23 01:02:54

Dude it's wiki it's a lie