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Date: 2015-06-18

All the fans all over the globe of this highly popular and successful anime are greatly interested whether new season 2 will be filmed and if so when we are going to see new episodes of the second season. Unfortunately, there is no official information from the anime creators as to the series fate so far. Millions of various gossips staff forums of anime fans, but nobody knows anything for sure. It’s sad, but we have to admit that chances of new season release get slimmer each year. Follow the updates and maybe we will deliver some positive news in time.

The original name: High School of the Dead Season 2
Director: Tetsuro Araki
Duration: 18 min.
Genre: Anime, Fantasy, Horror
Country: Japan

All the forums online are staffed with tons of pleads from the High School of the Dead series fans asking for continuation of the story. People write that they got to like the anime so much and they eagerly wait for new episodes to be filmed. It should be noted that the anime series managed to become really successful in many world countries: thus, the loud request for season 2 release is not a surprise. But it’s important to keep in mind that unfortunately the movie couldn’t boast extreme popularity in its own country, Japan, where the most money from the series production is made by creators. So if Japan doesn’t care to ask for a new season, the rest of the world can forget about their hopes to see new episodes for good.

It has been a full year now since the episodes of season 1 premiered on screens. It’s quite a big gap to make between the seasons but numerous fans of the High School of the Dead series still don’t lose their hope and eagerly check any updates as to their favorite anime.

As it was said already, Japan’s audience was not greatly impressed by the movie, while Russian-speaking viewers praised the project really high. All of them do hope to see the continuation.

The series feature anime genre with an uncomplicated plot storyline. It tells as a mysterious story of those from Fujimi High School who managed to survive a zombie apocalypse. After it happened our Earth started turned into a living hell for every creature on it, so the school students took firm decision to fight and get rid of the diabolical creatures that invaded the planet.

The project creators did a good job with the series: the anime features numerous elements that are typical to modern horror films, so popular with audience nowadays. We can observe a powerful corporation of evil, as well as zombie virus that is deadly for any living creature and many more curious details and features.

The first season was ended by 13th additional episode in which many people saw an indirect hint of a season 2 possible release. It can be said from the plot of the episode that the battle with evil and deadly creatures is not over yet thus it might be continued in new episodes.

As it was already mentioned, the chances of new season release keep decreasing as time goes by, but it would be really cruel of the project creators to leave millions of fans in a big disappointment. Thus, we hope for better and wait for coming updates and new information as to the project fate.

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2015-08-30 00:47:11

I entirely agree but if he just made the series happen and not care about the decrease popularity in Japan for their respect for the dead but technically the zombies aren't dead they are diseased half alive humans. Based on theory that is. But I'm just saying the alpha zombie must have had a infectious bite that had bacteria that spreads to the eyes, nose, ears, and the wound and infects the blood stream and recauses the infectious bite by infecting the teeth to the victim of the stereotypical zombie bite thing is from USA, BuT the movie zombieland was created in china or Japan. (My theory is complicated)

H.O.T.D fan

2016-11-06 15:22:38

Dude this is only an Anime not real and zombies are not real


2015-11-07 23:59:39

I wait! I want High School of the Dead Season 2!!! Please..

Jade Malmis

2015-11-12 19:09:02

I wish i am rich enough to revive this anime. :(


2015-11-12 20:29:37

This is the best anime!!! Highschool of the Dead season 2 coming soon )


2016-05-06 12:14:35

Pleassss..i want this anime, I always watching this..and now I'm waiting for the next season and I research it every month just to watch it. but it was nothing... I'm assuming that one day hotd will back for season I hope it will...plzzzz do or best for are waiting.... :)


2016-06-10 18:23:40

I think it should be a season 2 or new episodes really loved this series please bring more entertainment for this series


2016-06-19 07:56:34

Please release the second season please


2016-07-16 12:34:13

I m from India. Please release HOTD season 2. We really want to see, please Please.. Release this Anime. Please.

Kevin Wakeling

2016-07-30 15:02:04

i have to say that i've just finished watching season 1 & i was immeditately hooked on this series. PLEASE!!!! im begging you alongside all other fans , hurry and release season 2 of High School of The Dead. 6 yrs is long enough, and i'm still waiting patientally. please keep us informed on the release date. thanks!


2016-08-05 20:28:25

It'll be really disappointing move if hotd season 2 aint gonna release


2016-12-08 09:07:03



2017-01-02 10:50:32

Please sign and make highschool of the dead season 2


2017-08-01 07:03:20

I too am a big fan of HOTD and I wish second season will be launched very soon.....


2017-11-12 03:07:32

I am from the Bahamas, and I love this anime I waited and waited I need to watch high school of the dead now please


2018-04-22 15:53:49

Sorry it's not happening.