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Date: 2016-11-03

The series Elena of Avalor is a fascinating history of animation, there is a place where evil witches, good wizards, beautiful princesses and brave knights. The focus is the usual princess named Elena, who lives in the kingdom of their parents, in a wonderful country called Avalor.

The original name: Elena of Avalor season 2
Director: Craig Gerber
Duration: 24 min.
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Country: USA

On August 11, 2016 Disney announced that Elena of Avalor was renewed for a second season.

Her life was cheerful and serene, but in one moment everything changed, because evil witch has decided to attack the kingdom and captivated by the parents of Elena. And now the girl will have to enter into a fierce confrontation, but even if it can win, then the story does not end.

Since then, and began the story line of this anime. Now we are talking about the second season. It should immediately be said that there is currently no accurate information about the fact whether a second season. But the popularity of the story and the love of the fans should do the trick.

In any case, a new series of the second season will be seen not earlier than in 2017. The exact release date of the new series is not known, but more information will appear in the future. At the moment, little information, but you will be able to learn about all the latest developments on our site. We follow all the novelties of big movies and TV shows, so you will be informed.

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