«Dragons: Riders of Berk» season 3 - release date is scheduled for 2015

author of the review Maxim Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-05-25

After release of a feature-length cartoon «How to Tame a Dragon» in 2012 an animation series-continuation came to screens and was highly appraised both by children and adults. Everybody is waiting impatiently season 3 «Dragons: Riders of Berk» that is promised in 2015. New animation series just can’t be left without continuation: children got to love the main characters and their adventures. Directors Louie del Carmen and John Sanford can’t for sure remain indifferent and thus the world is already awaiting the continuation of the movie.

The original name: Dragons: Riders of Berk season 3
Duration: min.
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Country: USA

Season 1

The animation movie released in the USA in 2012 and in Russia in 2013 told a story of Ikking who as a result of life vicissitudes made friends with a dragon and learned how to tame them. His friend and other coevals made possession of flying mates. The whole season is devoted to their life on an island, taming and training of dragons. They developed the ways of taming for all the types of dragons: fireproof, stone-eaters, sea dragons, uglies.

Season 2

In September 2013 season 2 of «Riders of Berk» was released. In Russia viewers watched new episodes in the middle of 2014. That was already continuation of the animation heroes’ adventures. The youth decided to guard the island and protect its habitants. They are already experienced riders who became members of secret Dragon Flying Club. They become really brave and valiant protectors. There is no enmity now between Vikings and dragons, they establish friendly relationships. Ikking and Toothless together confront wild dragons and enemies of Vikings.

And finally… season 3

In 2015 season 3 «Dragons: Riders of Berk» is supposed to be released, in which new adventures wait for heroes. The content of new season is not revealed so far, but already now it’s clear that these are going to be entertaining and interesting episodes.

The animation series can be freely called a family movie as it combines several genres at a time. It is fantasy, adventure and comedy. The animation is very useful for children as it educates how to get along even with dragons, make friends and protect homeland.

And the main thing – it teaches to dream about travellings and adventures, explore new worlds. Due to friendship, wisdom and cleverness the friends together withstand the evil and even fantastic animals help them in this affair. The series is awaited greatly by all children and their parents.

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«Dragons: Riders of Berk» season 3 - release date is scheduled for 2015
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