2015 Skoda Yeti – we are going to be surprised by a new model the coming year

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-05-25

Deliveries of a new flagman crossover Yeti from Skoda Czech producer to our home auto market will start in 2015. The new generation model has been already presented in several show rooms. New crossover will be available for order from spring 2015. Czech developers did their best. Yeti however, has always been considered one of the best representatives of the line. Let’s have a look at what special features the new auto will possess.

Brand: Skoda
Model: Skoda Yeti 2015
Country: USA
Body type: Sedan

Skoda Yeti has always been considered a reliable model, which can not only take its owner to any spot, but also carry along considerable cargo. At some time this automobile gained a great acclaim due to one of the episodes of British «Top Gear» show, in which a helicopter was landed on the crossover’s roof. This time the new generation Yeti will be constructed on the basis of Volkswagen MQB. This platform has quite positive reputation. New car will have several modifications, the majority of which will possess petrol and diesel motor. That is more, an additional version for outlanders’ fans will be provided. Thus, Skoda Yeti 2015 will be available both in all-wheel and standard front wheel drive.

Certain changes will affect the car design as well. Exterior will become stricter, more classic, while interior on the contrary will gain in price of used materials. As before, plastic and high priced quality leather will be primarily used. Automobile dimensions will also increase: in particular, body height and length will be added. Luggage capacity will also be increased showing new, improved figures.

Briefly speaking the new flagman will become even larger. Also a special modification with three rows of seats which being folded provide increased luggage space.

The news appears in media lately saying that Skoda can decide to change the model name. Such turn of events will hardly take place as Yeti is a well developed, time proved brand which as well brought popularity to Skoda. It’s difficult to say when exactly the model will appear at home market. From the one hand the official date has not been announced yet, but experts claim that series production will start yet in spring 2015. Nevertheless, such information sounds rather controversial and it’s quite possible that buyers will have to wait for some time before they will be able to go shopping for a new model.

What can you learn about the car: 2015 Skoda Yeti?

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Mass media announced that we can expect the sales of a unique crossover from Skoda company model Yeti 2015 already in spring of the coming year. This auto is mainly aimed for European and CIS countries markets. Czech company that has just recently started serial production of last generation Yeti now finishes working on a fully upgraded version. To a certain extent this new product of Czech developers’ work can’t be called a crossover. The thing is that the vehicle sizes will be sufficiently increased. Thus, it will become wider and higher, additional modification will appear in which crossover will have three rows of seats with the third row being pretty comfortable for all that. Spacious enough luggage will provide even more extra space if the third row will be folded. Briefly saying, the space will be increased.

Exterior and interior

Designers did their best as well trying to develop a unique exterior and interior of the model. Yeti is a family vehicle, thus the main accent was made on comfort and safety of passengers. First thing one pays attention to is an exterior of the car. Yeti has become more serious, more classic. Interior in its turn impresses with quality of materials used. Natural leather in it coexists next to high quality metal and plastic. The vehicle possesses a whole system of airbags, which will work in case of emergency. Multiple tests showed many times that Yeti is a quite quality and safe vehicle.

The future crossover was many times mentioned by the head of Skoda auto company Winfried Vahland. He said he had no doubts that Yeti was to become once more a great compete for rivals’ flagman models. In addition, this time Skoda tries to release this model at the Asian market. Particularly, Yeti will be sent to conquer India and China markets. As to the CIS countries, Vahland confirmed that Yeti enjoys huge popularity here.

Technical characteristics

Little is known about the car from the technical aspect. It’s interesting to know what variations petrol and diesel motors will get. Both variants have to become pretty interesting. Nothing more is revealed yet by the Czech auto company, but we will get to know everything about the model in time. We just have to wait. The news about the model one can find on the official Skoda site as well as on the pages of the company in social networks. Follow the current information with when-release.com

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2015 Skoda Yeti – we are going to be surprised by a new model the coming year
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