2017 Ford GT release date, price & review

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-11-06

Frankfurt premiere from Ford literally blew up the imagination of the audience at the traditional show of the automotive industry. The new Ford GT, the release of which is announced in 2017, was the sports cars, graced the cover of the new game Forza Motor 6 in its virtual version, as well as novelty, surprised even seasoned regulars show.

Brand: Ford
Model: 2017 Ford GT
Country: USA
Body type: Sport car

The new American car appeared before the public in a traditional color scheme - "blue metallic" silver. Features specifications have not been disclosed. But according to internet sources, the machine is capable of producing 630 hp at 740 Nm torque variation wheel drive. Earlier, representatives of Ford has already announced about a mid-layout and capabilities of more than 600 hp Engines, presumably, will be a series of V6 EcoBoost, which will provide fuel economy.

Weight model called near 1311 kg, which does not speak of ideal proportions and distribution of gravity: the sports dimensions of about 43% by weight on the front axle of the machine, the balance of pressure on the back. By price range sports car falls into the same group with the Lamborghini Aventador, ie Ford GT will cost about 400 thousand dollars. The clientele will be strictly filtered within the distribution policy model.

What can you learn about the car: 2017 Ford GT?

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2017 Ford GT release date, price & review
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