The new 2016 Ford Escape coming soon

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-11-11

The first generation of this car appeared in the domestic market for more than 5 years ago. The new model has become more stylish and modern. The exterior design pleases huge 17-19 inch wheels, freshness hull lines, powerful and very beautiful bumper grille. Partly model resembles the product brand Infinity.

Brand: Ford
Model: 2016 Ford Escape
Country: USA
Body type: Crossover

Inside the cabin brand new 2016 Ford Escape is the most modern sound and noise isolation - the engine can not be heard.

It is unlikely that someone will surprise that among the large number of additional features present voice control entertainment system, and even automatic braking. In addition, Ford gave the car: the modern on-board computer, climate control, heated side mirrors, navigation and many others.

The engine range is represented by 4 units: 2 diesel volume of 2 liters and 138 hp and 161 and 2 150 1.6 petrol and 182 hp.

The director of the marketing department Ford holds the updated model high expectations, because, according to him a brand-new Ford Kuga has a much more pronounced than its predecessor.

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