2016 BMW X2 release date, price & review

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-10-24

The new crossover from BMW will be presented to the world in 2016, however, will go on sale in 2017, according to different sources. Today on the Internet there are several photographic images of the future of the SUV-coupe 2016 BMW X2. This conqueror impassable roads will become a kind of younger brother of his predecessors X4-X6 as a sport version.

Brand: BMW
Model: 2016 BMW X2
Country: Germany
Body type: Crossover

Provided to the public piece, the car is painted in camouflage, but it is possible to distinguish the common parts of the body: in particular, it is evident the presence of the fifth door and more rear slope of the roof.

2016 BMW X2 specifications

In technical terms, the coupe will get a 4-cylinder turbo engine of 2 liters that produces 230 HP Torque is at the level of 340 nm, and the motor works together with an 8-speed gearbox. Will please the German mark and generally a high level of security — ranging from dynamics control DSC, ABS, traction control and braking to cornering. Controlled drying and also compensation for the low efficiency of braking. The manufacturer also plans to release a more powerful modification of the crossover at 300 HP with all-wheel drive xDrive.

2016 BMW X2 video concept

What can you learn about the car: 2016 BMW X2?

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2016 BMW X2 release date, price & review
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