David Mitchell, «The Reason I Jump» - a new novel will be released no earlier than 2016

author of the review Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-05-05

Readers who have read the first book about the Japanese boy looking forward to the continuation. It is expected in 2016. Artwork «The Reason I Jump» (Why do I jump) has helped many people to understand those who are different from ordinary members of society.

Author: David Mitchell
Language: English

Japanese boy, Naoki Higasida, decided to tell the world about yourself. It would seem that surprising in this? Just a boy 13 years old and has autism. With David Mitchell appeared that the first book in which Naoki tells about what they - autistics differ from other people.

The format of the book consists of questions and answers that arise from those who are close, caring for autistic. The boy responds to questions and trying to explain the causes of behavior, feelings, desires, unusual people. Do they want to do to become like all the people? The boy is very worried about this and says the last scene, which concludes the first book: a tale called "I'm here."

This book should help many people who are not even aware of the inner world of those who are so radically different from the people around us. Just reading the works of Mitchell and Naoki makes clear, many aspects of their lives, the cause of the behavior.

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David Mitchell, «The Reason I Jump» - a new novel will be released no earlier than 2016
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