Unbreakable machine doll season 2 release date - Cancelled

author of the review Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-01-18

When does the new episodes release? Do you like Unbreakable machine doll season 1? Do you expect a continuation of the anime Unbreakable machine doll?

Original name: 機巧少女は傷つかない
Country: Japan
Director: Yoshimoto Kinji
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

About anime Unbreakable machine doll season 2

In the world of Steampunk victorious miracles of science it does not surprise anyone. At the dawn of the New Age alternative alchemy fused with mechanics and gave birth to the "automatic", which we would call familiar, robots or cyborgs. Primitive machines - a doll, which gives the operator the team and the most advanced - these artificial person possessing the mind and its own magic. To create these creatures, dreams of the rulers and the military, to go on the verge of the laws of nature, fusing elements of magic soulless and living flesh, but that does not make for the sake of power and authority!

17-year-old Raysin Akabane ommёdzi of an ancient family in one night lost his family. Man rescued Shoko Karyusay genius and master of mysterious woman. Akabane gave the floor to serve her, and in return got the opportunity to pay for the relatives. First, it was necessary to train a new partner Yayey - one of the best works of Shoko, android, fighter, indistinguishable from humans. And then came the real work - to infiltrate the British Royal Academy, the famous school of magicians, where hidden killer Raysina family. During the local tournament, Walpurgis Night, a meeting with krovniki inevitable - unless, of course, the hot guy eastern curb rapidly emerging harem!

Unbreakable machine doll season 2 release date


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Anime Unbreakable machine doll season 2 may be one of the best. Director Yoshimoto Kinji currently has not made an official statement about the release date continue. Exact release date is unknown, but we can confidently say that Unbreakable machine doll season 2 will be. We can only wait for the end of 2016. If you like the genre Adventure, Anime look like at the end of the news.

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Unbreakable machine doll season 2 release date 2019
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2016-03-09 09:00:22

Canceled?!? No way! But it was so good. D:


2016-08-25 00:20:21



2016-03-18 19:31:20

What! Cancled why always the best anime end in a terrible way


2016-03-18 19:31:23

What! Cancled why always the best anime end in a terrible way


2016-11-30 17:23:50

the move tell what how it end not sad she did not die


2016-03-18 19:31:25

What! Cancled why always the best anime end in a terrible way


2016-04-16 09:40:29

I doubt that its cancelled that might just be a prediction since its been a huge gap of time since season one and season 2's rumor or it could just end like Spice and Wolf, in the middle of the arc who knows but I highly doubt its cancelled.

ima god

2018-04-20 18:30:59

its 2018 so its unlikely but keep hoping

Last Prince

2016-04-27 09:11:33

why ??????? its so fun and like realistic why do you canceled the season 2 ? dawm !


2016-07-13 01:04:35

How the fuck is it realistic in any sense of the word?


2017-03-05 01:21:47


Hansu Cho

2016-05-09 11:49:50


2016-05-21 13:35:05

EWEHHH! Cancel? Why I was really hoping for a season 2! The anime was even a good one why do they always gotta cancel the good ones!


2016-07-27 01:21:21

So Fricking true. It pisses me off. I Can't Fathom why they cancel all the good anime, that could be an awesome series. Compared to Naruto. That no offense gets repetitive. He's an overpowered idiot. So yea.


2016-09-30 02:35:02

You suck idiot naruto is better than all anime fuckyou fuckyou

Nigga please...

2016-11-15 20:43:23

Naruto eats dick and just like dbz it's an all filler show. This Anime is a shit times better than that piece of shit, even though I respect your interest and personally I did like it at one point of time. But still it couldn't comepare to this series, at least this had a serious plot unlike like Naruto.


2017-05-09 04:16:16

Lmao Wow naruto is 90% filler. You are trash xD


2017-04-10 04:18:37

i agree


2016-05-22 18:43:00

I hate this all the really great shows only get one season for some reason. Give it anther chance.


2016-06-17 09:13:18

Why would the cancel this anime? It may not be darker than black, but still, far and away better than so many that do get 30 stinking seasons???? I don't care if it airs, be more than willing to buy additional seasons on dvd. Good story, not shallow characters, and the anime is better than average. Bums me out, so many good anime gets a single season, while shit anime gets 5+ seasons.


2016-08-18 04:30:37

Good story with good art along side it take a while to plan out where they want the story to go. I may just get too damn expensive to create more seasons.


2016-06-30 17:05:39

The anime was really well put together goo story line good characters I've watch well over 100 amines and this one is in my top 5, I'm looking forward to a season 2


2016-07-10 06:11:12

Whaaaaaaattttt?? No oh noooooooooo why? It was such an awesome anime! It didn't have a good ending AT ALL! It still has things unresolved and it doesn't relates the story o Akabane Raishin is not fair! I'm crying right now! Whyyyyyyy???whyyyyyyy?? It was such an intriguing,exciting,outstanding anime! I can't believe the second season was cancelled! I really loved the plot and it was such a lovely perfectly made anime! Please I beg you to make another season AT LEAST PLEASE!


2016-07-10 20:52:09

Oh my.... why cancelled ??


2016-07-18 04:33:01



2016-08-02 22:44:11



2016-08-28 18:51:30

Fuck that! It was a good anime, why they cancelled it? Damn!


2016-08-30 11:38:50

I'll have my fingers crossed that this will end up like Gargantia Season 2, and just be an OVA series later.... Please?

Jason Li

2016-09-06 22:52:16

Wut...Why is it always the BESST anime that ends in a horrible way...i would gladly have one piece or naruto end just for this anime and other good animes to continue T_T

Mew Mew

2016-09-11 00:11:23



2016-09-15 16:26:59

Why??? This is the best one anime that i watch


2016-09-21 16:35:03

damn! why must canceled. it was a good anime. Arghhhhhh


2016-10-02 11:14:02

what the fuckkk?????? I dont belive this shit!!! Please i dont give a fuck!


2016-10-05 05:03:16

Why is was so good >~< The anime is very good except the character development.I was waiting the anime to be released this year why why don't be like SNK=_= [`>_<~]


2016-11-08 08:49:03

It was so GOOD to!!!!!

Christian sago

2016-11-24 00:41:08

Why they cancelled it!?!?this anime is amazing...

ZJQ 2019

2016-11-27 21:55:58

Fucking Assholes!! Why did they cancel a great anime one that's different with machines and time, a mixture of Japan and British culture. Fuck this I DEMAND A SECOND SEASON!!


2016-11-29 13:28:39

waiting fo season 2.........


2016-11-30 17:27:03

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.why why why why


2016-12-27 06:29:58

The hell???????? Why why why:''(

animefan fananime

2017-01-14 23:38:35

they always say something is canceled and then they end up making it another time i don't think it was canceled


2017-02-02 19:13:03

LoL... not surprised really...! Its been like that since ages.... rokka no yuusha, danmashi, and whole lot of best anime doesnt get a season 2...! Only those who have have shitty plots and lame animations has it...!


2017-02-02 19:13:27

LoL... not surprised really...! Its been like that since ages.... rokka no yuusha, danmashi, and whole lot of best anime doesnt get a season 2...! Only those who have have shitty plots and lame animations has it...!


2017-02-16 08:46:15

Damn right, for example look at Naruto.. it doesn't even make sense anymore, you can say now Naruto just ridicilous. I mean why they keep making new episode every week while the manga already end.


2017-02-22 18:23:40

why they dropped the season 2?


2017-03-03 15:28:46

Story isa fucking crazy, and its like a bit more of bitterness and hero is helpless and brainless, when seeing how powerful and talented in episode 1 fights and how idiot and non patient and useless in rest of the episode kind of pissess me off


2017-03-20 01:40:40

Why? ;_;


2017-04-10 04:21:05

what the fuck

Shiro-sama Otaku

2017-05-02 01:16:07

Nooooooo......why cancelled? Arg.....


2017-05-21 05:46:35

Please good anime un cancel