The Seven Deadly Sins season 3

Original name: 七つの大罪
Country: Japan
Director: Tensai Okamura
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

The series tells the story that began many years ago. In those days, a group of knights, which called itself the The Seven Deadly Sins to serve the king. They have broken their oath and tried to make a coup d'etat. The revolt failed, but the knights destroyed the holy knight of the time, and they were damned. As legend has it, but it turned out to be untrue. In fact, the Lord wanted to call on the ancient demons and knights of the seven deadly sins have prevented it from doing so.

What will continue this fascinating story, we learn in the third season of the anime The Seven Deadly Sins. Although its release date is still unknown, is that sequel will be released, there is no doubt - Anime showed excellent ratings and gathered an impressive army of fans.

The Seven Deadly Sins season 3 release date

January 6, 2018

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2017-01-11 11:09:30

Meliodas Ban Merlin Elizabeth Diane


2017-02-20 20:08:30

AWESOME. I love the seven deadly sins, my fab anime can't wait till season 3, so exited!!! ;), I'm waiting meliodas,ban hak, Elisabeth, and every one else


2017-02-25 23:11:04

Molioda and Elizabeth kiss


2017-05-13 13:08:09

I know right!?


2017-09-10 19:03:26

no der


2017-09-10 19:02:00

strange the last sin was not there it was the lion sin :C


2017-11-21 02:45:54


I Love The Seven Deadly Sins

2017-12-04 01:18:28

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I olve anime 0w0

2017-12-04 01:22:27

I love the seven deadly sins this was the first anime and I LOVE LOVED it soooo mush my fav is meliodas,ban,hak.elisabeth and evry one else too Im so happy and I finshed it too today


2018-01-13 08:09:55

When does it come out I want more 7 deadly sins it was supose to be out today but it's not so Japan you need to fix your date or upload it because people are getting mad because of this."Release date for the seven deadly sins is January 12 9:30 pm but it's 11:05 and it still haven't came out yet so hope to see it on Netflix soon Japan or people WILL get mad so hope to see it this month!


2019-03-30 15:32:04

this is my favorite and im just 9


2019-04-06 16:16:05

I love the seven deadly sins I just finished the 2 season not to long ago and I was very upset that meliodas had died I cried but when he came back to life I was so happy I even cried then too I love your work and the anime keep it up
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The Seven Deadly Sins season 3 release date


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