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Soul eater season 2

Original name: ソウルイータ
Country: Japan
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Anime, Fantasy
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

Why do superheroes eternal problems with the release of their territory by all sorts of evil - as in the likeness of men, and out of it? It's simple - education is not enough. And because in a world where the action takes place, the God of Death has put its teaching assistants and candidates for the role of the divine weapon on a scientific basis, creating Guns Institute, located, of course, in the City of propane. Learn the institute two types of students - those who are able to turn into an animate weapons, and their companions master (still called technicians). Weapons and master work in pairs, and the best of the candidates on the basis of education is able to serve the scythe of Death - arms of God.

The story revolves around three groups of students: very diligent Poppies paired with a straw (it turns into a plait), narutoobraznogo Black Stars paired with Tsubaki (it turns into any weapon ninja) and freak symmetry Death Jr., working with sister Pat and Liz (turn into guns). As in any institution, nepotism flourishes - Mack, for example, the daughter of the current Scythe of Death, and Death Jr. - the son of God at all. But the relationship does not affect the attitude towards school, and friends-contenders compete in wiping out evil spirits fairly and struggled, each in his own style.

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Death the girl

2016-04-26 22:25:11

I hope this does come out, im way to close to finishing season 1 and i generally might cry when i have no more soul eater to watch :I


2016-05-07 13:51:58

Look up "Soul Eater in 2018", there is something on fanpop.com about it. First link on Google. Your welcome, I hope that helps.


2016-10-27 18:00:39

I just finished it in 2 days and I know I'm going to cry.

SE Fan

2017-10-23 01:51:59

OMGF I was so sad/angry when the anime ended. I woke up the next day and was like, oh gonna watch some soul eater, then cried my eyes out :(..


2016-05-07 13:46:19

I looked up Soul Eater 2018 on Google and there was someone fanpop.com asking if anyone else heard what he heard about the voice actors saying something about a new Soul Eater in 2018. I hope this is true and that there will be something said about it soon.


2016-06-03 07:27:41

I just want to know if the second season is coming in 2016 or not?


2016-07-22 15:13:04

Probably no


2016-06-07 04:12:19

If they do a want like 1000 episonde or more .they should continue the anime cause it have the potential to become bigger . Don't kill lord death , don't complete kid's stripe ...


2016-06-12 15:45:17

I agree but Kid's stripe should still be completed because if not then his life will be ruined. Also THE GREAT ASSASIN BLACKSTAR WILL RETURN AND BLACKSTAR'S MY FAVE!!

black star

2016-06-17 05:53:37

Me tooooooo!!!!!


2016-08-19 02:38:19

I like Death the kid out of all characters in any anime. My second is Spirit. Plz don't kill meh.


2016-08-19 02:36:57

Ya know that would be the best. I just finished the anime today, and it defently needs season 678

That one person

2016-11-22 03:30:04

YES...just yes


2016-06-14 07:05:18

I wish they continue the series. I really like Soul x Maka to be intended in this series. Bring back Soul and Maka as the main characters please!


2016-11-26 19:53:18

I actually hope kid becomes the main character but I also personal agree with your suggestion

black star

2016-06-17 05:52:02

I heard there is a new season coming out in 2018 plz!!!!be true!!!!!!!!!!

2016-10-25 22:53:57

I hope ur right man


2016-06-25 09:39:13

Yay 2nd season in 2018 yet it's so far away T.T

Lil Lil and Lee lee

2016-06-29 04:44:49

I have watched all the soul eater episodes I can find and I'm diying to watch more anywhere that has or knows were the release date is please tell that would help big time


2016-07-14 04:31:22

i hope this is true im desparate for more souleater and if there is another season dont judge me but i really hope they make soul and maka canon

Soul Eater Fan

2016-08-09 00:05:05

Bitch I just want Soul and Maka to get together is that too much to ask


2016-10-30 11:51:20

SoMa for life!

Emily Aldritch

2016-12-19 07:37:54

I know, out of any anime, I ship these two the most!

Death the kid

2016-09-12 05:55:10

Symmetry is always the answer


2016-10-19 08:32:48

I hope they have a season 2 if they don't! I will die

Jay the gamer

2016-10-25 22:53:01

When is this coming back on bro damn

Maka Albarn

2016-11-01 07:35:04

When it will be realeased

soul the scyther

2016-11-13 02:01:51

suol and maka

maka x soul

2016-11-15 06:51:30

um theres a season 4 and i watched it this is confusing


2017-07-15 10:06:18

There is only one season. Because it was so long (51 episodes), it was split up when they released the DVDs. So what you think is "season 4" is really only "part 4 of season 1".

Soul+kid xD

2016-11-21 06:50:27

I waaaaant the new soul eaters to start were the last ended not in the future

That one person

2016-11-22 03:28:36

I finshed season 1 in a day and if a other season doesn't come out i just don't know....wow i am such trash


2016-11-24 09:45:08

Oh My Cheesy crackers Hells yes. Cant freakin wait for season 2 Oh My damn

Heather beaver

2016-11-25 12:31:23

Ugh.... i hope this is true!!!!! Im so missing my soul eater marathons late at night. i feel like i finished it too fast and didnt appreciate it enought while i had it there....right in front of me..... Episodes i havent seen yet to enjoy! Waaaaaah!!i want more soul!!! :(

soul evans brother.dark blade

2017-01-13 13:58:23

I miss soul eater so much i finished season 1 and i really hope to see season 2 someday


2017-01-17 19:39:41

i hope it comes out i was done with soul eater like 2years ago


2017-07-15 10:12:17

I too saw the rumor about a release date in 2018. I also read that what happened was similar to what happened with Full Metal Alchemist. In other words, they started doing the anime and caught up to the manga too fast so about half way they just made up their own story. The "season 2", if it happens, will be like Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. In other words, it'll start over at the beginning, but it'll actually follow the manga all the way through this time. So the first 25 or so episodes will be very much the same, but after that the story will quickly become very different than the original anime.

LORD death!!!

2017-08-04 11:37:48

just finished soul eater and soul eater not! huhuhu i want more episode !
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