Prison School season 2 release date - 2016, to be announced

Original name:
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

About anime Prison School season 2

But we can speculate, given the facts. The series tells an interesting story. School Hachimitsu always dial only girls, but this year everything has changed, and it became an open and boys. But studies here have gone only five boys, while the girls there were several hundred. It seems that the guys just got lucky, but it was not there. After some of the students have marked them for innocent spying for the other girls, they gave them a real punishment. How to move on?

An interesting plot for this kind of movie quality graphics and an adult rating. All this fueled interest viewers, so we wait for the second season in 2016.

Prison School season 2 release date

2016, to be announced

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Anime Prison School season 2 may be one of the best. Director currently has not made an official statement about the release date continue. Exact release date is unknown, but we can confidently say that Prison School season 2 will be. We can only wait for the end of 2016. If you like the genre Adventure, Anime look like at the end of the news.

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