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Owari no serafu season 3 release date, episodes 2019, TBA

Owari no serafu season 3

Original name: 終わりのセラフ
Country: Japan
Director: Furuya Daisuke
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 24 min.

Plot & Details

About anime Owari no Seraph season 3

Striving for forbidden knowledge homo sapiens screwed up again. In 2012 a deadly virus broke away and began mowing down humanity. Adults somehow died, and then, out of nowhere, the vampires came, draw the remaining children into their underground city and announced from now on people would live under their protection, giving the blood. Harsh guy Yuytiro had been living like this for 4 years and understood it was time to escape. He fled together with his titled brother Mika, the Hyakuya and a group of children who grew up in the same orphanage. Of course, the vampires caught up and killed the fugitives, only one got away.

Going out to the earth, young Hyakuya realized the epidemic was over, but the world has changed. There is a ruin around. The demons wander about the streets and bloodsuckers expand the territory, offering residents a protection. In Japan the Hiiragi seized power and formed the Imperial Demonic Army, which protects people and kill vampires with an enchanted weapon. The Yuytiro’s way is clear. He prepares for the service and avenges his relatives’ death.

What is in store for this straightforward and impetuous guy?

Owari no Seraph season 3 release date

2019, to be announced

Love Anime?

Anime Owari no serafu season 3 may be one of the best. Director Furuya Daisuke currently has not made an official statement about the release date continue. Exact release date is unknown, but we can confidently say that Owari no serafu season 3 will be. We can only wait for the end of 2016. If you like the genre Adventure, Anime look like at the end of the news.

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2015-12-28 16:12:47

From wiki that I have read, the anime (up to season 2) had covered all 40 volumes so maybe season 3 will start airing on spring or summer 2016 because the next manga volume will be release on May 2, 2016. (just my speculation)


2015-12-31 03:34:50

it will be 2017 like Noragami.


2016-01-04 13:30:44

what 2017 I can't w8 that long


2016-01-16 12:21:54

For starters it's not getting the same release date as noragami. I've looked at all the pages that show season 3 for this an it is going to come out in 2016. most likely Summer-Autumn

Tachi Hikula

2016-01-18 20:53:58

^^ Same

Add Kim

2016-01-20 10:22:35

yeah !!! in 2017 it might be the end of the world . i can't wait that long

love owari no seraph

2016-01-28 23:03:29

i want to see the next episode i am waiting to long love this anime


2016-05-18 04:21:26

for good anime you have to w8 long


2016-06-24 16:14:30

Same as attack on titan , tokyo ghoul have to wait till 2017 ,and they maybe delay it again ;-;


2016-08-06 00:48:20

sane here and if it does take that long im slapping every1 in charge at every company that takes part in the production


2016-12-04 08:15:23

It obviously came out already. I do not remember where I found S3E1 at, I think it was KissAnime. I tried to find it again, failure. ;c


2016-12-04 23:06:17

Yes you can


2018-05-15 02:14:16

its funny cause its already 2018 and it hasnt came out yet


2016-01-14 21:21:29

Are you sure about Noragami and Owari no seraph season 3 will be aired 2017?


2016-03-09 17:20:51



2016-07-08 11:03:24

i didnt even realize noragami was getting a second season XD 2 things to be excited about!


2016-10-24 01:05:51

The manga is being released in January of 2017. I've preordered it! So the manga is coming out next year. That means the anime will most likely come out that year, too.


2017-01-15 06:31:39

I'm from 2017 it has not happend


2017-11-14 04:23:09

It will actually air 2018 In may


2016-03-22 04:32:37

My two favorite animes :D Yey

Anime is bae

2016-05-23 05:56:14

Actually noragami is most likely coming out later this year and this series might continue later on this year actually


2016-09-19 16:07:26

How do you know that ?


2016-11-28 07:08:14

I hope so!! I'm praying that it will be in 2017 because if it's not I'll cry because Tokyo Ghoul and Diabolical Lovers season 3 are coming out in 2017 and I would love to have all three in one year also Attack on Titan in 2017


2016-11-28 13:22:54

No it will be 2016

Person from future

2016-12-03 11:23:13

None of those anime aired this year, so, it's most likely 2017! :^)


2016-01-21 12:00:36

season 3 will most likely be a 2017 release.


2016-03-03 09:15:38

There is actually 42 volumes. If you go to then type in the search bar "Seraph of the End", it will show that there is 42. The 42nd volume is different than the anime though. It doesn't make sense at first but once you are done, you see that it is a preview of what is happening but into more depth.


2016-03-15 23:03:40

Actually there are 42 chapters (well, now 43) not volumes.


2016-04-06 09:25:45

Some people call them volumes, some call them chapters. Same thing. I'm more in tune with calling them volumes as well.


2016-05-03 19:40:42

Actually there are 45 chapters already.


2016-04-21 16:57:05

Hey, can you please give me a link with the site you read Owari no Seraph manga?


2016-04-28 17:54:57

Try out a mobile app called Manga Rock. It's awesome.


2016-06-04 05:35:42

Or you can go online at they have all the free manga you can think of


2016-07-23 08:58:12

Buy the manga? I'm planning to buy all of the manga and the anime~ Gotta remember to support the authors!!


2018-07-15 11:59:15

You can go to to read the Manga


2016-05-15 06:38:48

Mika and yuu have the smex


2016-05-23 08:58:10

do they really if so then heh heh thats great to know

Mika X yuu otp

2016-07-23 07:58:21

Yessss mika and yuu have all the smex

Mikayuu is life

2016-10-01 21:47:55

Do they rlly? What chapter/volume??


2017-01-15 06:30:39

No they dont


2016-07-26 05:48:44

really ngga....


2016-06-24 14:34:18

I think Owari no Seraph season 3 will come out in 2017, or possibly, 2018, because of the lack of material in the manga. They'll probably announce it after a couple more volumes. My guess is that they might start making a season 3 when volume 15 comes out.

~MikaYuu is life♡♡♡♡

2016-07-14 10:17:18

No. It might come out sooner since Kagami-sama is writing both the manga, and anime plot at the same time. Currently the manga is covering part of the time skip that happened in the last episode. The anime will probably continue on its own ahead of the manga since Kagami-sensei already has the story line planned out. It might not come out till fall though since he's probably pretty busy with the light novels and manga.


2018-12-08 19:25:29

Or, it might not come out at all, ever. Sony now owns Funimation - I can't imagine this will be getting an S3. You can probably kiss all the less than mainstream anime from Funimation goodbye now - because Sony is only interested in the best sellers.


2016-11-24 14:20:50

Wait that is this year and how come it is stilll not there?????

Your mom

2015-12-29 01:27:25

Suck ass

Your name or nickname

2016-01-21 09:45:54

Why...just why???


2016-02-09 05:12:45

Savage ^^

2016-02-09 05:13:16



2016-02-19 13:49:02

"Their savages, savages. Barely even human." -Pocahontas song quote


2016-03-26 19:19:04

omg! Fairy tail's the best


2015-12-29 10:55:47

is there really any seoson 3 of owari? i doo reallyyy hope there will be


2015-12-29 13:48:40

Please...I beg you... make owari no seraph s3..

No name

2016-03-25 20:18:15

Ofcourse there is they cant end it like that there are billions of questions if they left the story like that

2016-04-26 23:26:54

Read the manga.

:( unfortunatly

2016-05-09 15:30:52

The manga ended they are making it off of scratch

I'm saying this outta awkward insanity

2016-07-09 05:36:20

Literally... Same bro, just back flipping same ,0^*,

Your dad

2015-12-29 21:20:17

ssa kcuS

Your name or Nickname

2016-03-09 00:21:10

???yhw tsuj...yhW

Your dad

2015-12-29 21:20:49

dad was here

Your Granny

2016-06-25 03:27:29

Granny was here

Your grandpa

2016-09-05 02:59:14

Grandpa was here

Your uncle

2016-09-06 23:23:23

Uncle was here

Your Uncle's Lowkey Babymama

2016-09-22 08:52:19

Uncles's lowkey babymama was here

Caleb Williams

2015-12-30 11:43:28

I have never really cared for anime with vampires but watching but watching this show makes me wanna go back and look at all the other vampire anime I looked over after this is finished of course. I really hope krul tepes isn't dead


2015-12-31 15:28:36

Yeah me too! I really really hope Krul is fine, but she is not showing up tipl the end of eps 12.. And Ferid.. Ahh why did he lik


2016-02-21 22:43:40

omg i thought i was the only one who still cares about her


2016-03-23 18:05:32

Krul tepes is alive guys, just unconscious. Ferid captured her and is holding her captive


2016-01-03 01:41:03

There are really good plots to some vampire anime and manga...then others are just splatter. Trinity Blood, Hellsing, Blood Lad, and Blood+ are worth watching/reading.


2016-01-06 14:18:05

I'm exactly like you I don't like vampire shows at general but this one was really good and cause its good I read it wated all serval time already and I'll will do again when they release the new chapter. But I'm hoping of season 3 will come out.

Random Guy

2016-01-07 17:57:58

She isn't, at least it says on the wiki her status is alive


2016-01-08 17:48:24

You do realize wiki is updated as the anime goes along right...? So we have no idea, and the fan-service that updates the wiki has no idea either. But that is up to Daisuke releasing a third season, then we will know whether or not Krul is alive or not. But I agree, I really hope Krul isn't dead, I will be extremely pissed if it turns out she is dead.


2016-01-13 08:24:50

She's not dead. In the manga, Ferid said if he drank anymore, she'd be dead. Plus she didn't turn to dust like all vampires do when they die. She was just unconscious.


2016-02-03 02:05:19

You do realize there is a manga right? The anime doesn't set the precedent and she is a live in the manga.

your Butthole

2016-03-05 05:55:34

you do realize that wiki isn't always correct right?


2016-03-03 09:57:00

Just to be clear, but don't you guys curious about what Krul are up to? I have the feeling it might be the good key about the series that would bring peace together, after watching the episode 12 you will seem to know that she might not be an antagonist but that Ferid and the vampire Kid. Of course, I hope it'll be getting a season 3 cos I'll be supporting them by buying the Blu-rays as well as the Light novel and the Manga.

2016-03-08 18:12:21


Krul Tepes

2016-03-17 20:08:09

If you read the manga, you'd find out ;)


2016-04-05 19:14:52

me:its her fault she died random hater:alright wat she do that made her die me:bitch gonna exisit random hater:well if she didnt exist then mika wouldnt be alive me:shut ur weeaboo ass up nga u need some btches random hater:i only like 2d girls me:nah u need some btches


2015-12-31 03:41:01

That description lacks both grammar and correct information.

Kick ass

2016-11-07 16:43:23

Hahahahaha!!!! It does! >\\\<

2016-01-02 08:09:34

I love this anime can't wait for the next season!!!!


2016-01-03 21:05:36

This anime freaking awesome hope there is season 3

Your son

2016-01-04 07:24:59



2016-01-06 05:32:44

Fuck! I want it too... but it will get in 2017 .shit .that's the problem .make it now pls

Your grandson

2016-01-06 05:34:19

Haha.No .......krul is my birch .don't touch her asshole

No thanks

2016-02-02 05:51:15

Ha ha ha birch


2016-01-06 06:41:36

Please make a season 3. Please make a season 3. Please make a season 3. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, I NEED MORE!!!...... okay that sounds wrong when I think about it.


2016-01-08 05:31:27

why 2017 i can't wait that and the way they ended it was like...the hell give me more

2016-01-08 17:11:24

Wtf is up with the the description? Did the guy even go to school?


2016-01-08 19:50:58

I cant wait for s03


2016-01-09 18:07:43

Owari No Seraph Plz Have Season 3 as early as possible


2016-01-11 04:27:19

Pleazzzzee make a 3rd season

Fuck Me

2016-01-15 13:57:31

realy the release date owari no seraph s3 is 2016? i think it release 2017


2016-01-16 23:27:44

Seraph of the end 3 release on 2016, with asterisk war


2016-08-16 01:54:20

oh my god i cant wait 4 season 3

Owari no homo

2016-01-18 02:07:02

I live this anime,i cant wait to watch the 3 season i hope it release before summer so in the first days of mai


2016-01-18 09:55:55

Krul was just knocked out not killed XD


2016-01-27 05:05:40

I like dicks in my ass

dm ex

2016-01-28 18:30:45

kailan season 3 ilalabas

Morgan j hurst

2016-01-29 21:06:21

I am and anime fan ya

Morgan j hurst

2016-01-29 21:13:26

Anime I like is yu_to_oh ! In seraph of the end in All anime ya.


2016-01-30 10:13:30

Well at least we know when will it be release ^_^


2016-01-31 13:10:47

Why is your sit so slow-_-×


2016-01-31 13:09:41


2016-01-31 13:47:19

Moeten we echt tot 2017 wachten ik wil weten wat er nog met mika gebeurt (


2016-01-31 14:00:27

I just finished watching season two and i think i sat there for a solid five minutes just staring at the screen. I cannot believe how amazingly annoying that cliffhanger is. This is so not funny.


2016-02-10 00:08:56

Yeahh me too, damn the character is also confusing. The combat is cool, but except for Yuu, the others hve no development. And the ending is so...

Hp koma

2016-01-31 17:12:04

Omg......i like this anime very much.i hope it will release soon.

Hp koma

2016-01-31 17:13:39

I like this anime very much.....i hope it will release soon.


2016-02-01 06:28:42



2016-02-02 03:51:26

Did anyone noticr that on there is only 12 episodes for the sub? Lucky for me i prefer the dub, Owari No Seraph has a great plot. Hope season 3 would consist of a great plot as well!


2016-02-04 07:51:15

I do believe there will be a 3rd and possibly 4th season, by how the 2nd season ended there for sure should at least be a 3rd.


2016-02-04 07:53:24

I believe there will be a 3rd and possibly a 4th, there for sure should at least be a 3rd because of the way season 2 ended.

No Name

2016-02-07 16:53:02



2016-02-08 00:48:59

i miss Mika's beautiful blue eyes. :(


2016-06-06 18:50:05

His eyes are red now, since he drank Yuu's blood ^^


2016-07-16 02:40:12

Well he still looks good with his red eyes

Krul Tepes

2016-10-28 16:44:42

Not as good as he looked with his blue eyes ;(


2016-02-09 12:16:54

wtf I swear I'm not waiting a whole year again for another season...


2016-02-10 00:18:07

2 season just ended like tht? Srsly? Those chara are so confusing, whcih side is good or not we dont know. They rarely go full combat, and except for Yuu, the others combat development is ewh

Nom nom

2016-02-10 12:26:45

Does anyone else here ship Mika and Yu???

Da Capo Capo

2016-02-11 22:03:27

omg..!! i wish it just doesn't happen..

ItsTemplar - Xbox One

2016-02-12 22:04:51

At least it has 2016 as the year instead of 2017 .-.

ig @typiical.brianna :p

2016-02-13 01:08:55



2016-02-14 14:31:57

I'm so waiting for the season 3! I finished this anime in 3 days! So please give me more! Now I've started reading manga of owari no seraph and I only reached 19 chapter and I'm waiting for 43 chapter and also for season 3! Plz plz plz plz..!! Don't cancel this show! I want more..!


2016-02-14 18:19:38

will come out in 2016 or 2017 I realy want TO KNOW


2016-02-17 21:55:05

This anime is beatiful

Anime lover

2016-02-20 09:58:41

God dammit it cantmcome fast enough

2016-02-21 15:23:57

I hope that owari no seraph season 3 really release


2016-02-22 17:28:34

really exited for the new season, season two ended in a huge cliff hanger

That one person who hates rushed endings

2016-02-24 12:20:42

Omg It better come out in 2016 the ending of s2 was so rushed ;-;

Anime Lover

2016-02-26 07:18:02

This summary makes me cringe so hard.


2016-02-28 23:32:55

episode 1 season 3 was released today 28th of February


2016-02-29 04:01:26

When can u tell us


2016-03-03 22:46:19



2016-03-04 04:31:29

I really want season three. I love this series! It's sooooo good... I thrive for more.


2016-03-04 22:13:13

Trop bienn j'suis pressé de la voir cette saison


2016-03-09 21:27:15


Mikaela Hyakuya

2016-03-11 15:49:01

guys I'm pretty sure the manga is still being released. its not done yet. So it may not come out until the end of 2016 or 2017. If you're so desperate read the anime.


2016-03-11 23:21:46

95% chance of their being a season 3 because at the end of season 2 was a huge cliff hanger and they said they are going to save their friends

Satin wolfgirl

2016-03-14 08:20:54

Dude it may come out in 2016 autumn about, but it may take longer for it to make its way to the free dubbed sites. So for all the people who aren't buying it online, expect it to be on the net by 2017


2016-03-15 02:59:24

Love this anime

human number 104

2016-03-17 22:17:38

i hope there will be season 3! this was such a good show

English-Speaking Octopus

2016-03-20 16:08:48

Learn English, guys. If -I- can do it, you people can. It's not "Yuitiro" or whatever the fudge you wanna try and spell it. Seriously, google translate has better grammar than this thing XD


2016-03-21 19:50:16



2016-03-22 09:40:12

Wow. That description...was terrible. It didn't make sense, and was quite a bit off.

Ying to yondei kudasai

2016-03-29 21:08:46

on one of the special episode, Krul said Yu is a hom*s*x**l? OOOO>MMMM>GGGG, dou yu kotoda. de arimasu

Penguin of the Water

2016-03-30 00:17:05

THIS ANIME IS AWESOME!!!!! You should totally watch it.


2016-04-02 01:52:21

Mikayuu is real. Nuff said

Mikayuu love

2016-06-08 23:59:13



2016-04-05 02:06:03

need season 3 this show is a masterpiece, I finished both seasons in a day or so still, cant wait form mission bring guren back :D

Cream Pie

2016-04-05 16:46:00



2016-04-08 22:40:54

Will it release in 2016 *-*

Hyakuya Yuichiro

2016-04-10 04:46:29

On May 2 there will be a special called kyuketsuki shahar


2016-04-10 08:57:38

Hell yeah, more of this anime please! The only thing I'm hoping for is no yaoi... Maybe a little bl for the ladies, but I like Yu and Shinoa imo.


2016-04-12 01:51:04

I want season 3 so bad

Taylor Ray Moss the third cool person in the whole entire world and is good at cooking kind of. Co

2016-04-17 00:59:26

Wow. Very informative, and I like the way it was formatted. Very easy to understand for 60+ Anime lovers.


2016-04-18 19:25:29

Quero muito ver

The Truth

2016-04-21 01:47:04

Did you notice all the good animes are released on September and since this is a good anime

2016-04-23 09:19:44

I can't wait


2016-04-23 12:42:45



2016-04-25 04:22:26

When is it coming out the date in 2016


2016-04-28 02:18:57

I Can't wait too long :'(


2016-04-28 22:14:50

Good anime

Owari's fan

2016-04-29 12:53:12

Are u sure that owri no seraph season 3 will be release on 2017?,I can't wait that long though!!!


2016-05-02 19:50:42



2016-05-08 11:19:10

I Can't wait to the new season!


2016-05-13 06:17:49

Email me if you are going to release it because many of my friends and family want to see the new episode.


2016-05-14 15:35:06



2016-05-15 06:37:22

In the third season mika and yuu tell each other how they feel and they have the smex

2016-09-06 18:27:48

Man that would be like heaven ^

vampire dragon

2016-05-18 18:03:18

I hope'' yu'' uses his demon was so harsh on how they did us like that...guren just went awol... OMG that was unexspected but cool...THEY BETTER MAKE MY SEREPH OF THE END SEASON THREE!!!!!!!

Mika Is My Waifu

2016-05-21 03:21:49

I will literally cry if there's a season 3! I need more Seraph of the End!


2016-05-24 22:12:18

Sooo....when will come seasone 3??? In 2017?!!??:'((


2016-05-29 08:42:26

Attack on Titan got pushed back to 2017, all the good anime me are in 2017 "rip my life"


2016-05-30 10:24:53

If u download toonmainia u can watch both seasons of sereph of the end and noragami


2016-05-30 15:32:32

Plaese make a season 3

Michael jordan

2016-06-01 00:03:06

This anime is awesome even my son like it


2016-06-09 01:22:11

I can't wait until 2017 to watch one of my favorite anime's... I really can't! AHHHH!!!


2016-06-10 09:30:40


2016-06-10 23:58:35

I love the anime, and not to be too fond, but I love watching vampire anime. I love the action in Owari No Seraph! Its awesome! The plot line of the story is good too. Anyway, its 2016 now, who knows what can happen.

Itsuka Shido

2016-06-13 18:34:33

I hope Owari No Seraph season 3 will coming soon.


2016-06-21 05:42:05

omg i cant wait!

abrahym wleed

2016-06-24 10:00:42

thenks for thes informaion


2016-06-28 10:29:00

I watch Seraph on Hulu and it ended on episode 24. Are they actually going to update this?? Because I really want to know what happens!! I don't wanna spoil what happens in the end for others who haven't finished. During my Christmas Break I was waiting for the new episode and still am waiting and there hasn't been a new episode. Is it for sure going to be a season 3?!


2016-06-30 18:32:04

sndklasdmasdkaskmdasd asd asdasd

Rin Hyakuya

2016-06-30 22:28:45

Wooow I can't waiting for this •﹏•

Rin Hyakuya

2016-06-30 22:28:46

Wooow I can't waiting for this •﹏•

Narimi hyrukino

2016-07-02 20:02:58

I'm exited to se season 3 how long has it been anyways I'm looking forward to the creators love ya guys

Yomi hyaniko

2016-07-02 20:06:02


Tayler Giles

2016-07-06 20:32:33

A lot of people will probably hate me for this but am I the only one that wants Yuu to become a Vampire?


2016-07-08 01:48:24



2016-07-13 05:03:02

I need Mikayuu knowledge *^*


2016-07-18 11:00:31

Is the manga ongoing? if so i'm switching!


2016-07-18 11:16:59

If you don't come out with a season 3... Hide your wife and children


2016-07-20 07:52:56

Whoever said noragami season 2 will be out in 2017 is wrong. The noragami season 2 has been finished for some months now.

Wish there were more

2016-07-22 14:22:32

i don't know why, but i feel like everything is moving too fast. After Yuu's first mission he noticed something was wrong and (according to the comments below) after the second there was apparently a time skip. And all this happened within the span of only 24 episodes. I'm not saying i don't like the anime, its actually the contrary. I wish we could've seen a little more action before the plot advanced this far. I don't think Krul is bad. She wanted Yuu because of the experiments the humans did on him and whats more we find out that the humans created the epidemic. This obviously means that the Hiragi family are hiding what their true intentions are.

Yuichiro Hyakukya

2016-07-22 17:31:18

When in 2016 ? :'(


2016-07-26 19:32:38

Who wrote this description? I get alot of questions when I read this. Like who/what is the Hyakuya? I guess yuyitiro is the protagonist? It has been quite a while since I watched The anime but this description does not explain the words it uses, says something about enchanted weapons (unclear for people who haven't watched the anime), and this looks more like a description of the first season not the third.


2016-07-26 23:31:12

I need to watch it


2016-07-27 18:25:50

i can't wait to watch Owari no Seraph season 3


2016-07-28 09:59:53

When is the release date

Suh dude

2016-07-28 19:32:33

Am I the only one who thinks Shinoa is hot?!


2016-11-28 13:24:43

of caurse me too and i really like yu and mika


2016-08-07 15:07:07

To be honest i like owari no seraph and I want season 3 of that anime too badly


2016-08-08 22:40:42

Comment (at least 5 characters) this anime. Can't wait


2016-08-09 16:54:53

Just make Mika X Yuu canon and add some fluff that's basically all I want add some yoichi X kimizuki for all I care just make Mika X Yuu canon


2016-08-13 03:46:28

the second season's end of this anime sucks

Adolf Hitler

2016-08-16 05:19:28

They better release season 3 or I start World War 3.


2016-08-18 07:45:12

comeone, does anyone know exactly when it going to air, i finished s 1 and 2 and have been waiting so long(18 minutes) to see s 3, i think im going to die。 :(


2016-08-19 00:17:51

Omg why is annyone talking about "yuytiro"


2016-08-19 00:17:53

Omg why is annyone talking about "yuytiro"


2016-08-21 06:31:24

Fuuk I can't wait that long wtf I swear this is going to turn into God Eater


2016-08-24 13:51:37

Nope it's 2016 rn and it's getting released 2017


2016-08-28 18:10:19

let me no when season 3 out as i watch 1 and 2 both brill to watch


2016-08-29 21:17:21

When do we get to know when it comes out?? •-•

Goku Gills

2016-08-30 08:23:02

I really wanna know when or if they even are making a season 3 I love this anime and I watch to finish it to the end


2016-09-05 10:04:32

So.......... is Owari no seraph coming back on or no?

Konia Ciel

2016-09-06 22:57:12

I am very exited to season 3, in feel I am going to die if I didn't watch it


2016-09-11 08:07:32

That description reminds me of the "does bruno mars is gay?" article lmao


2016-09-14 21:06:09

There was an open ending so there could be a season 3 at least i hope for a season theree


2016-09-20 06:31:48

well either way looking forward to it , cant wait for the season 3 , omg im so in this daily watching , Im so gay!


2016-09-20 22:18:19

what about UK


2016-09-25 19:10:08

Anime is dope but homo


2016-10-02 21:42:59

who knows exactly when owari season three is gonna air

2016-10-02 22:19:59

Yay I think


2016-10-04 06:10:40

I cried at scenes of characters dying that I hardly knew and didn't bat an eye at ones I knew for at least an episode.


2016-10-04 19:07:54

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to watch season 3 this is the best anime


2016-10-05 00:57:21

Wan is it going to be release 2016 but wut monthe and wut day in canada


2016-10-06 12:49:04

Wait?...i cant wait


2016-10-07 16:28:55

only 2 months left in 2016


2016-10-10 00:26:35

Please anything update on the anime season or movie?

Half-blood prince

2016-10-11 19:51:21

Uph I can't wait that long D:

Brittany Johnson

2016-10-13 05:15:35

I really do love the anime it was so awesome to watch it and can't wait for the next one and it sounds fun to watch the next seraph of the end to cool...


2016-10-14 05:55:29

Owari no seraph must return

Mikaela Hyakuya

2016-10-15 18:46:33

if u watch the rest of the last episode on season 2, it says "THE END" and aswell im typing this at a date nearly at 2017 and 3rd season isnt out

seraph of the end fan

2016-10-15 22:00:06

i wish i had an exact date of when the 3rd season will come out


2016-10-17 13:02:36

the seraphin is yu ? because i not really sure


2016-11-20 07:41:29

no there is 2 the girl and yu


2016-10-17 19:56:49

why the mangga not updated? :C


2016-10-24 04:57:19

I watched this a year ago think hey if i watch some other anime for a long time season 3 will come out... *After a year...* *Rewatches whole season 2 in a day* After I finish season 2 I find out that there is no season 3 yet!?!?!?! WTF!! GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR!! GIVE ME MORE!!! GODDAMN! =.=


2016-11-01 21:59:15



2016-10-25 08:12:02


Joyce Claudia Wesley

2016-10-30 21:03:54

I am looking forward to hearing good news

The Darkling

2016-10-30 21:58:58

Is anyone 100% sure if it is supposed to come out in 2016 or 2017? Because I'm dying to know the release date, I keep checking everyday to see if its posted


2016-11-05 04:41:58

Though every one thought that Owari no Seraph was coming out in the spring of 2016, it is now...what the 5th of November? Now i know that the workers of Owari no Seraph are probably working on it but on Sub and Dub there is no season 3 of Owari no Seraph, so i predict that Owari no Seraph will come in.... around the summer, Halloween, or the Thanksgiving of 2017.


2016-11-07 10:37:38

To bad there's only 10 or so chapters after the anime ends so it probably won't come out for awhile :'(

Blah Blah

2016-11-15 20:08:11

If only all these dope shows where like Naruto, play nonstop... they making us wait for Bleach, Claymore, One Punch Man, and now Fairy Tail, to name but a few... this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-11-18 13:54:38

Can you please update us if you will release the 3rd season of OWARI NO SERAPH :D thank you and God bless! :D


2016-11-20 07:39:52

i cant w8 for the season 3 season 2 ends on a major cliff hanger rip.


2016-11-22 04:18:18

l.l uyngn b


2016-11-24 04:35:12

This is a splendid, advenchur, thrill sealing anime that adomadicaly grabs you attention the moment you watched the first episode \(@!@)/


2016-11-26 09:19:10



2016-11-29 17:17:34

2017 is close!and yet there is noting about season3!? I hope they don't just cancel it!


2016-12-03 05:40:36

why!!!!!couldnt they had realsed a long time ago!!!????please make it sooneerrrrr!!!!!!!!onegiashiames!


2016-12-13 16:13:51

owari no seraph season 3 - 2017 noragami season 3 - 2017 and finally the best Code Geass season 3 - 2017


2016-12-18 01:03:08

This show is amazing and I dearly love it

The guy

2016-12-22 00:24:39

This is one of the best anime


2016-12-28 10:32:57

2017 will be heaven

2017-01-04 17:39:31

This article is painful. Whoever wrote it obviously never saw the anime or read the manga, they probably just heard about it from someone they know because if they did see/read it than they would at least know that the main character's name is Yuichiro not Yuytiro.


2017-01-08 00:02:47

I really like this anime, I hope that season 3 is gonna come out soon!!!


2017-01-09 11:49:51

this anime really amazing.. i still wait.


2017-01-16 17:18:47

Season 3 aired now? Please notify me


2017-01-22 05:02:53

I sat there for at least 15 minuets at the end of the last episode of season 2 before I realized I'd have to wait 1-2 years for the next season to come out ... Cliffhangers are so fucking annoying!!!!


2017-02-08 06:42:16

Toi mong moi nguoi ra ss3 cua owari cang som cang tot Toi dang hong ss3 TÔI YÊU ANIME..... (OWARI)


2017-02-24 23:20:19

Season 3 will be out in 2018 s may . There are less than 40% chance in 2017

Krul Tepes

2017-03-07 00:53:05

Nooo! But I rad the manga, so it's okay. (spoilers: fate is not kind to your favorite character, me) Go read the chapters on KissManga! It's free! (So go read it!) (It's really good!)


2017-03-02 17:30:12



2017-03-30 05:27:08

I like pickles...


2017-04-02 20:24:06



2017-04-05 00:31:56

I wish ther was also a season 4 in english dud.


2017-04-06 03:48:10

i love this amv so much i will die


2017-04-15 02:48:49

oh my god! is there really a new season of Owari no Seraph I hope so!! lets all hope there is a new season to this amazing anime show! xD

Captain of the ship

2017-04-20 03:55:43

I want to see more of Mika and Yu >\\< I shippppppp ittttttt

2017-04-30 23:56:35

I would like so much to see owari of the end so bad I love it so much I just can't wait for it to come out


2017-05-05 07:37:24



2017-05-21 01:02:37

It is 2017 and no season 3 yet


2017-05-22 00:07:44

Yes. They need to make more manga before the anime can be made. So maybe it will be out in late 2017? Maybe 2018


2017-05-22 00:05:30

The creators of the manga will have to make about 5 more books before a season 3 can be made. But I know that there will be new manga. I was actually on eBay trying to find a book 12, and yes, it DID exist! I clicked on the icon to buy it but it said that summer of 2017 it will be in out. So the thing I do know is that the manga IS actually being made! But yes, it will be a long time until they would actually be able to make a 3rd season, so until then we will all just have to wait.


2017-06-04 07:45:23

The best anime I ever seen


2017-07-18 17:42:09

I really do hope they make 3rd season I'm so obsessed I finished both seasons in a day. its 2017 and its still not out yet just like Noragami its annoying. I'm sure it will come out 2018 both Owari no Seraph and Noragami. Has anyone watched the specials LOL Gurran with a kitten on his face so cut and hilarious.


2017-07-20 07:48:48

The release for it will most likely come in 2018 or 2019. The second season left off almost where the manga did so theres some catching up to do. Also if more people buy the manga when the time comes they most likely wont delay it. Thing is just buy the manga it will help more than complaining online.


2017-09-17 00:06:08

seraph of the end is super this is my favorite series :) Looking forward to coming soon the new season


2017-10-16 23:12:28

in 2019 there will be a person who says the release will be in 2020 lol


2017-09-17 00:11:26

Looking forward to coming soon the new season


2017-09-17 00:13:30

seraph of the end is my favorite series :)


2017-10-09 12:14:41

Tfw everyone on this thread was wrong about the release date.


2018-01-06 07:12:55

yep, I was reading through it lmao “2016!” “2017” “nah 2016” tbfh it’ll probably be beginning of 2019 or end of 2018. That anime winter thing is happening winter 2018 so it’ll probably be then


2018-08-22 03:04:40

When 2019 gets here, the predictions will be 2020 and then 2021 and so on and so on because it's not coming out. Sorry


2018-01-14 07:10:47

It’s January 2018 and there’s still no third season


2018-02-14 05:17:12

Hehe 2017 passed already! Its 2018! WHERE IS SEASON 3 OF NORAGMAI OR OWARI NO SERAPH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!


2018-05-23 06:33:30

I'm commentin in 2018 and there is still nothing WTF


2018-10-16 00:15:16

Well it’s 2018 and still no season 3...

Please No

2018-11-24 21:18:29

It’s currently November 24, 2018 and season 3 has yet to come out. People say the movie comes out next year towards June-July. I doubt the next season will come out by the end of the year. It will most likely come out a little while before the movie. This is just what I think


2019-02-18 13:31:43

So yeah it still isn’t out and I found this in 2019:(


2019-03-11 02:04:37



2019-04-09 16:53:37

its gonna 2019 if not 2020 owari no seraph anime will be released .


2019-04-15 18:05:13

Hello people of the past i am from the future of 2019 and I'm here to tel you that your going to be waiting even longer than u thaught