Haikyuu!! season 4 release date - Completed

author of the review Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-11-01

Haikyū!! is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Individual chapters have been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 2012, with bound volumes published by Shueisha.

Original name: ハイキュー!!
Country: Japan
Director: Susumu Mitsunaka
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Sport
Duration: 25 min.

About anime Haikyuu!! season 4

Haikyuu!! season 4 release date - Completed.

At Studio Production I.G, a 50-part anime adaptation of the series was made in 2014 and 2015. Directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and the screenplay wrote Taku Kishimoto. The character design was designed by Takahiro Kishida and the artistic director was Ichirō Tatsuta. The 24-minute episodes of the first season were shown by MBS from 6 April 2014 to 21 September 2014 in Japan as well as another 28 stations of the TBS network. A second season, Haikyuu!!: Second Season, ran from October 7, 2015 to March 2016 with another 25 episodes, as well as with up to a week shift on CBC TV, Tokyo MX, BS11, RKB Mainichi Hoso, Hokkaido Hoso, Tohoku Hoso and TV-U Fukushima. A third season is scheduled for October 2016.

With English subtitles, the anime was available in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa on the Crunchyroll platform. Wakanim.tv published a French version and the station Hero radiated the series in the Philippines.

The publisher Peppermint anime announced on 30th July 2016, that both seasons of the anime are to appear in USA.

Haikyuu!! season 4 release date


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Anime Haikyuu!! season 4 may be one of the best. Director Susumu Mitsunaka currently has not made an official statement about the release date continue. Exact release date is unknown, but we can confidently say that Haikyuu!! season 4 will be. We can only wait for the end of 2016. If you like the genre Adventure, Anime, Sport look like at the end of the news.

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Haikyuu!! season 4 release date 2019 (USA)
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2016-11-13 07:23:29

l like that. l wait season 4


2016-11-16 16:37:57

cann't wait for the season 4. I hope the episode more than 12

Barry allen

2016-12-03 23:27:22

Haikyuu is just amazing


2016-12-06 20:40:05

learn to english better


2016-12-10 00:41:56

Lol this is funny


2016-12-20 21:03:07

Yes. Otherwise I'm going to be disappointed!!!! It's one of the best anime series I've ever saw!!!!)))


2016-12-08 02:34:41

I demand a 25 episode season 4!


2016-12-11 22:13:06

Same! 30 would be better.


2017-10-05 16:03:54

Let's just pray for more : )


2016-12-10 00:27:40

omo i can't wait T.T i feel like i'm gonna die of joy XD


2016-12-10 03:38:38

I hope they announce the release soon. This show is literally my life. I watch it everyday, I've watched seasons 1-3 three times already, I'll maybe even watch it a fourth time. Considering I'm a girl, this might surprise some people :P


2016-12-10 03:40:33

I can't wait until they release the new season. This show is literally my life. I watch this everyday for three weeks. I've watched seasons 1-3 three times already and I might do it a fourth. Considering I'm a girl, this might be surprising to some people :P


2016-12-10 10:39:52

same though!!!


2016-12-10 11:37:09

Why would you being a girl suprise people...I'm a girl and I am absolutely in-love with the series, and has done the same thing as you.


2016-12-14 01:11:20

Do you think anyone actually plays Volleyball though?


2017-06-27 15:46:26

I do! I actually did one of the moves from the anime with my team!


2016-12-10 22:30:10

I cant wait for season 4. But Peppermint Anime will not release both seasons in the usa but in Germany, Peppermint anime is a German distributor of Anime.


2016-12-11 07:14:09

it's not that i want season 4 i NEED season 4


2016-12-11 15:33:37

Can't wait...


2016-12-14 01:11:52

Who here actually plays Volleyball competitively and watches this?

Ilham Maulana Febriansyah

2016-12-28 03:33:53

I really enjoying Haikyu and I'm waiting for the season 4.. I like it very much..


2016-12-30 20:37:53

I NEED MORE, but surely they're not going to end this anime right?? because my life would lose all meaning if it ended.. but like when will they continue it???? I'M SO STRESSED ABOUT THIS thanks for letting me rant a bit frens :))

hinata shoyo

2017-01-16 07:38:27

Can't wait I wish it will be on march or February every Saturday I started watching haikyuu because I like the manga then when I hear a first season I'm so so excited from season 1 to 3 I watch full of it


2017-12-22 13:59:24