Dance with Devils season 2

Original name: ダンス・ウィズ・デビルス
Country: Japan
Director: Ai Yoshimura
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 24 min.

Plot & Details

Most viewers of the show - a Japanese anime fans. And yet we can say that this episode stands out against the background of low-quality material and the product, which is now removed and discharged. The series has its own atmosphere and an interesting plot. Spectators can watch with interest for the main character - Ricky Tachibana, who was admitted to the academy. He always had a lot of fans, but when it became actively interested in just five guys, besides more and demons, it will make anyone nervous. What will be next?

The show also features good graphics and high quality portrayal, so the audience is not distracted by these defects during playback.

Must see this show - Dance with Devils if you're a fan of Japanese anime.

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2016-01-19 06:42:43

There should DEFINITELY be a second season. This anime has proven itself worthy of a second season and if you watch the complete ending I feel that last line spoken by Loewen states a hint in a possible season 2.


2016-04-13 15:52:56


Anime Rocks

2016-06-25 00:38:43

I know right??


2016-11-05 01:53:50

Love this anime very much. Hope there is a second season.


2016-12-08 07:28:23

I agree too. After all Super Lovers is getting a season 2 and I love that anime too.


2017-02-12 23:42:23

There must be a Season 2!!

anime critic

2016-01-31 05:23:15

I absolutley love this series dance with devils definitely deserves a second season. Never have I ever seen this done in all of the animes I have seen. It has without a doubt caught this viewers attention.


2016-02-06 13:57:35

I am dying to see what will happen in the next season - how will the story proceed now that Maksis is resurrected by Loewen ? what will happen to the love story of Rem and Ritsuka ? :P Please Please Please Please launch the season 2 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Cool dragon

2016-02-06 20:52:11

One of the best animes I have watched love it hopefully they make season 2

millie ann

2016-02-15 08:06:33

i love this anime.. maybe there's a season 2 because of ritsuka's father have been mentioned at the last part..


2016-02-27 19:53:14

I love this anime.Why 2017 and not 2016


2016-04-11 07:47:23

Because, we love it. And it's worth waiting for, waiting will make it all that sweeter.


2016-05-08 23:07:28

Vaay Türk :D Seriously tho, is it gonna be second season in 2017


2016-02-28 11:11:27

a second season is a complete recommend not one friend of mine hasn't liked this show and, ideas psssh easy! so please! second season is necessary for life to go on!

urie sogami

2016-03-02 18:42:15

urie sogami need to stay rem arnodo shiki mage retsuka with rem the father of retsuka and rem

Anime lover

2016-03-28 20:43:24

I love this anime I really really really want a second season plz plz plz release it soon and who is Ricky is he Ritsuka & Rems kid I have to know plz plz plz hurry plz

Taylor Agee

2016-04-10 02:31:38

Who is "Ricky Tachibana?" The main character is Ritsuka Tachibana. I have seen the series 3 times and there is no homosexual man looking to get it on with devils. Here is a better summary without giving any major spoilers away: Ritsuka is a normal high school girl at Shiko Academy. Little does she know, she possesses an inner power unlike anything else. Four demons in the beloved student council, Rem Kaginuki, Urie Sogami, Mage Nanashiro, and Shiki Natsumezaka, also hell's guard dog (loyal to Maksis) Roen, fall in love with her for this power. Her brother/ ****** (spoiler so you can't see) Lindo Tachibana fights to protect his loved sibling against these devils' *interesting personality and looks... What will Ritsuka do? Will she realize her power before it's too late? Who will she choose? Dance with Devils.


2016-04-20 05:26:06

That was an awesome way to explain the story!!! Made me wanna go watch it again


2016-06-22 07:23:01

Loewen not Roen xD

shizuka muramassa

2016-04-17 14:36:07

omg yes yes yes !! i am so mother fucking HAPPY i cry so much because the seaso is oer but now i HAVE FUCKING BUTTERFLYS IN MY STOMIK


2016-05-18 05:52:36

This anime is by far the best I've ever seen!! I'd hate for it to end here when it has so much potential to go farther!!


2016-05-24 13:21:50

There should definitely be aneither season I lovedon't it so much and I would be very happy if they made another one


2016-06-07 08:41:38

There better be a second season!!! Considering this Anime has a hook at the end, "happily ever after" tear jerker, Ristuke and Rem should be together somehow, he never said he "had" to return back to the demon realm, just that he had no reason to stay without the why split the two up? that was horrible!!! I Love this anime!! it better have a second season! its as addictive as Diabolik Lovers, another anime that i absolutely adore.


2017-05-02 17:37:14

isn't shiki the main lover


2016-06-08 03:45:14

there should be a season 2. every new episode something else would happen and things you didn't expect did.


2016-06-09 04:01:37

I wish it were sooner

Anime Lover

2016-08-08 05:56:11

Me to

2016-06-12 01:50:04

I can't wait

carol Ann Ellis

2016-06-30 20:48:36

I love dancing with devil I hope u make some more dancing with devil very soon plus I hope guys fun making them I love it very much. its very romance, fun to watch as well... ps thank u for making dance with the devil our biggest fan from USA Carol Ann Ellis


2016-07-03 08:51:59

They need a second season i mean litterally all of the guy were hot like the sun im mean if i was ritska or however u spell it i would seduce all of them


2016-07-05 04:39:43

i love the first on u should make a next one i would love to see it. it has a great story and i ove the music too.


2016-07-12 22:57:50

I can't wait for season 2 of Dance with Devils but is there a season 2 od Blood Lad possible I loved the series and the cliff hanger had me like i wanna see more. and is there a season 3 for Vampire Knight as well?


2016-07-19 16:53:06

Vive la deuxième saison !!!!! MAIS IL FAUT AUSSI ATTENDRE 2017 !!!!!

Pam Longwell

2016-07-25 06:47:26

Will Ritzka and Rem not be in season 2????!!!!i have to know!!!!


2016-09-26 10:12:03

They have to be in it because she's the demon lords daughter so I'm sure something's going to happen with that and it will like resolve around them all getting together... or st least I hop they all get together again I love them all sooooooooo much!!!!!!!

Mishka Day

2016-08-03 01:11:36

Hi there. Please when dance with devils season 2 comes out email me on the date in South Africa

Cat Siuroterp

2018-04-01 23:54:19

Yeah same here!!!


2016-08-04 03:19:21

OMG! This anime should ABSOLUTELY have a season two because I hate, hate, HATE when anime are left with cliff hanger. The way season one ended defiantly hinted for another season (that everyone is waiting for). I never thought I'd get hooked on anime if it weren't for my friends recommending Dance with the Devils. I mean who doesn't like vampires vs devils? >:)


2016-08-04 12:14:30

I'm dying to see the next season . What would happen to the livers in it

Mishka Day

2016-09-06 21:56:42

Please let me know when it comes out


2016-09-28 23:35:35


Mortalha Thebas

2016-10-01 17:05:56


Mortalha Thebas

2016-10-01 17:07:24

Amei esse anime!<3


2016-10-14 08:44:22

There HAS to be a second season. I just love this anime it my favorite one. I've watched to first season almost 50 time literally.


2016-10-16 05:46:16

When is dance with the devil season 2 coming out on tv or cellphone


2016-10-20 20:15:29

OKAY! So here is my take. While it left off at a very odd point they completed that season of the anime. Super pissed that Ritsuka chose to lose the love of her life to stick around with her lying mother and her incestuous cousin. Next series, leave incest out of it? Please? It's really gross. -_-; Other than that, amazing art and interesting theme, i don't think I've ever seen an anime that added songs when it involved desperate situations.

The Anime Freak

2016-10-24 22:08:43

You guys HAVE to make a season 2 of this's soooo good it reminds me of diabolik lovers if you know what that is its an anime like dance with devils lol thx


2016-10-25 14:50:19

Please do second session its so emotional


2016-10-29 21:23:43

Omg I can watch this anime like 1000 times and on the last episode where Rem says I love you and they start sing and when Rem starts to disappear I start crying it always gets to me I'm not saying it a bad thing but I love this anime I can't wait until the next season


2016-10-30 12:41:02

I would love to know when the second season be release thank u for this amazing anime

Mishka Day

2016-11-06 00:40:22

Please let me know when dance with devils season 2 english dub comes out


2016-11-10 09:04:38

Dance with Devils was an excellent structured anime series. I would love if more were to come.


2016-11-11 07:06:11

Yes need season 2 please rem has to come back to her. And the ending showed a possible new episode I would definitely buy it if it comes out Imore like a total hoarder when it comes to anime


2016-11-13 10:31:38

There should totally be a second season, I couldn't stop watching!


2016-11-13 14:55:09

Please release season 2 of dance with devils.. pleeeeaaaassssee it's a humble request . And attack on titan too please

Wolf on fire

2016-11-13 17:42:51

am I the only one who wishes that reska would have chosen lindo

Courtney Harmon

2016-11-15 08:10:26

I really hope they release another season of "Dance with Devils" I will say that I watched it for the first time today and I couldn't stop. I was so entranced by the story, characters, and even the music before I knew it I had already watch the first season. So please release another season I would very much appreciate it. :D

The grave master

2016-11-18 07:38:20

I am cry I am so happy


2016-11-22 05:51:13

Si se estrenara?


2016-11-23 09:20:16

I have to say that I just watched the first season of this anime for the 3rd time, first in english, and I would absolutely adore it if the people would continue the story.


2016-11-30 16:50:14

i want a 2nd season please?


2016-12-07 18:52:40

The series deserves a season 2. But the interesting part about developing the concept of it's second season is will Ritsuka fall inlove again after Rem?


2016-12-14 05:22:07

Thier should be a 2 season because i what shiki and Yuria to come back and don't cancel it is the best anime ever make a 2 season please add shiki and Yuria and lowen bring them back


2016-12-20 00:26:47

Eu normalmente já vi o anime mas quando chega parte final o loewen fala a dizer " bem-vindo meu senhor" significa ou eu ia pensar que ia ter uma 2 segunda temporada foi eu que pensaj


2016-12-30 08:31:59

This is one of the most addictive animes I have ever seen. It's is absolutely amazing, I mean the hot guys singing helps a lot but the plot has more the meets the eye. The best part is that the Heroine is also not a push over *cough cough Yui Diabolik Lovers cough cough* she tells the guys off a couple of times and isn't afraid to be her self. This anime defiantly deserves a season 2 possibly 3


2017-01-15 07:14:01

There should be a second season. I love this anime I actually started crying when they said fair-well. They should base the second season about how her devil side starts to arise from within and bring back the 5 devil boys in season 1.


2017-02-09 02:38:38

There better be a second season


2017-02-14 10:54:25

It's official Dance with the Devil season 2 will be released in Fall of 2017 it has been posted on three other sites and it also has been said at Comic-Con 2016


2017-02-18 19:32:21

Hi I want season 2 and please put Ram and her together in it I was crying when I saw that he dispeared :(


2017-03-05 05:44:41

what is the ACTUAL release date? All I saw was Release Date is 2017. Also, for those other awesome people who are looking forward to this, don't get your hopes up! They said that there was going to be a season 2 of The Seven Deadly Sins, but there were only four MINI EPISODES!!!


2017-04-05 02:10:40

I love this show! I feel that it is soooo much better than Diabolik Lovers!


2017-04-25 04:57:24

lindo ,rem ,ritsuka ,auzana,martha


2017-05-07 00:00:57

I think there should be a season 2. If you guys REALLY want a Season 2, then go buy the DVDs. It will help them raise money and make it more likely to make a Season 2.


2017-05-19 23:11:32

I can't wait for the new season of the dancing with the devil's it's going to be awesome I found love with it for a while I can't wait


2017-05-26 01:31:07

I so agree that there should be a second season even tho its filled with songs this is in my top 5 favorite animes~!


2017-06-19 01:19:58

I want the season 2 because this anime can't end like that


2017-08-23 03:30:01

i think the name for the dance with devils 2 is 'Dance with devils fortuna'


2017-09-21 02:15:19

I believe they should bring back this anime because it was fascinating and it was left on a cliffhanger by Loewen. Which indicates a second season where lord Maxis comes into play


2017-11-10 04:16:17

I love it also anime but this anime is special it was the first anime I saw it was very very very awesome it inspired me it may have it few ups and turns but I like it no I love it


2018-03-19 15:04:10

Hello there' i just want to ask if there's already a season 2 of this anime ? it's already 2018 .. looking forward to watch the season 2 of dance with Devils.


2018-04-12 04:05:23

Its 2018 now so when will be the season 2?

2018-12-16 08:53:16

this story is my bae. If season 2 doesn't come out soon i am going to cry and binge season 1 till i die

Anime fangirl

2018-12-22 19:31:35

There should have a second season of Dance with Devils. It is my absolute favorite anime in the world and when the first season ended, I've been waiting to see what happens next.


2019-02-28 02:18:07

Please I would love to know if and when a season two will be released... The suspense is killing me


2019-05-04 02:08:57

samething happened in avatar last AB wen zuko said wheres my mother but they never had more seasons for unanswered questions . you had to read the book. i was looking forward to seeing azula and ozai in a insane asylum. its possible there aint gonna be a S2. prolly just something to keep you on the edge of your seat.


2019-06-10 19:12:56

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2019-06-11 02:42:24

I haven't finished the anime quite yet, but from where I am I'm so intrigued that I want much more of this anime. I feel like this could be great with a second season.

Anime mom

2019-07-08 06:44:25

Love it please make season 2


2019-08-17 02:25:52

i hope there a season 2
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