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Charlotte season 2

Original name: シャーロット
Country: Japan
Director: Asai Yoshiyuki
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

Fans curiously followed the events that took place in the same school. They learn to ordinary children, but it is only at first glance. In fact, the students have different abilities that are superior to men. The main character is a guy Otosaka Yu, who has the ability to take the shape of any person. He is afraid of his gift, but as long as he meets Nao Tomori, which itself has interesting abilities. What will be next? It turns out that these two are not the only one who has the ability and also gifted.

This is only a string a story that got its extension. Follow the latest news about this project on our website. Anime Charlotte season 2 will return in the summer of 2019.

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2016-04-17 15:10:53

It really was announced by the producers ?


2016-06-27 01:57:19

I don't think so, but would really like a season 2 ;-;


2016-06-19 12:03:38

The 2nd season have been release right?? But i don't see a single video of it..


2016-09-09 00:44:36

I'm pretty sure there ain't gonna be a season 2 as the ending was straight forward of eliminating whole purpose of the show. Though there are couple things that have not been explained, which is: WHEN Yuu listened to ZHIEND CONCERT, he remembered the pass of the world he was once in plus every time Yuu listens to ZHIEND he stated that he heard the song before. Lastly in the 5th episode, it is not explain why couple of random girls beating Nao while mentioning they were doing this for some (sound like girls name to me). Overall, I would say its a 50%-50% of season 2. Just so you know, don't get your hopes up high. Though I too really want a come back for season 2.

Some dude

2019-04-22 23:51:04

They were beating Nao because he beats up kids then sends them to the school lol. Thus why she didn't fight back.


2016-09-11 01:44:48

I think there is a chance charlotte have season 2 1. Yuu memories haven't fully back 2. People are gonna kill Yuu because he is the one eyed gream reaper, just like in episode 13 And i want charlotte season 2 so badly ;-;


2016-10-19 23:13:26

I love this anime F0CK ep 13 SUCKSS


2016-11-15 18:25:04



2016-12-29 03:08:13

It's sooo awesome can't wait for Yuu to get his memories back so he can be with his lover

maihime tenkawa

2017-01-07 11:18:01

I season PLEASE NO 2 her because anime has been no detailed explanation I'm a little confused with the story first and I hope there is a season 2 which explained everything and I hope yu otosaka and nao Tomori live righteously lovers and also in season 2 if there is in the early stories yu otosaka little by little given his mas then subsequently producers were determined


2017-01-07 11:43:07

Saya akan menanti anime ini saya sangat senang


2017-01-13 22:38:51

Chapter Two is I am in love with this charming tale of anime I ask this anime's second season Email'm grateful thanks to answer me play menu

Anime wizard

2017-01-25 11:22:28

I really hope there will be a Charlotte season 2. I hope Yu Otosaka will Regain his memories n be with his lover


2017-04-08 15:44:25

I just hope they make a second season I've been waiting so long and finally attack on Titan season 2 is out but I'm shocked it is only 12 eps


2017-07-21 19:16:00

I wish charlotte season 2 will come soon.


2017-07-25 18:17:57

It's a 50-50 chance the show will have a second season. If the second season is cancelled then it's because the ending satisfied numerous people (like myself except I wanna see how Yuu and Tomori work out). If there is a second season it will most likely be about regaining Yuu's memories. I really hope the second season comes around though.

hiyori chan

2017-09-18 00:53:06

i really hope they make a second season since the last episode?s explaination were way TOO rushed. those 24 minutes could have lasted a whole new season, and the ending left me unsatisfied. but there aren't many possibilities of the release of the second season, so we shouldn't get our hopes up too high.


2017-12-07 22:07:25

a like the anime more then deathnote, and there are really good, and charlotte are better the all.

Black lighting

2018-03-26 04:03:48

Is season 2 out yet? I haven’t seen episodes yet of season 2.


2019-02-06 16:15:04

It really was announced oh man i cant wait for the season 2 im really happy


2019-03-22 10:03:59

When will it be released


2019-05-09 03:21:49

When is it announced
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Example: 2019-12-03 - Official release/renewed date;
2019, to be announced - The date will be announced in 2019;
Completed - This season is final;
Cancelled - The anime has been cancelled after season this.
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Charlotte season 2 release date

  2019, TBA

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