Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai season 3

Original name: 僕は友達が少ない
Country: Japan
Director: Hisashi Saitō
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

17-year-old Kodak Hasegawa - poluyaponets, half an Englishman, blond, custom appearance. The old story - every school and normal household Man mistaken for hooligan and pass by, that's Academy St. Chronicles is no exception. Elephants in the corridors alone, Kodak looked into an empty classroom and could not believe his eyes: classmate Ёdzora Mikadzuki, clever, beautiful, but the same sullen loner, as he cheerfully chatting with a girlfriend ... unfortunately imagined. Word for word, the guys started talking about life, about friendship, and realized that, despite all the external slope, would like to make friends, but do not know how. The solution turned out to be on the surface - it is necessary to create a new club!

To do good is easy and pleasant, because the characters have mobilized all his remarkable abilities. Very soon, according to the canons of the genre in a new "club's neighbors," the school is located in the church began to gather a variety of personalities, drawn by the charisma of the founders. A young nun Maria, is not able to get along with people. Star School Sena Kashiwazaki, instead of worshiping someone wanted a normal friendship. The young mad scientist in combination - Senen fan-ah. A very nice guy who loves cosplay and cross dressing. Sweetly sister of the hero ... Yes, yes, it's all there! But the good things you can watch endlessly!

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2017-01-05 17:54:16

I wanna ask if there will be a season 3 haganai


2017-04-25 04:59:01

Please just do it for animaniacs. This is my favorite anime and if I don't see a season 3 then I'll have to end my life.(not really but still) I'll probably quit anime for life if there isn't. And the ending for season 2 is crappy. If you are making season 3, then MAKE KODAKA MARRY SENA PLEEEEEEASE. I would be a dream of mine and I have posters of sena in my room. (I know kinda creepy) but you guys won't understand how much i love sena. If this is possible, then thank you.


2018-03-22 22:33:51

i think its better for u to quit cause its not gonna release any tine soon (lol)....even im eargerly waithing for the anime but according to announcements they hav to make sufficient volumes for light novel which is in progress so i think u can except the anime in max of 2 to 3 dont quit anime cause theres always something new any amazing that makes u exicited if u want any anime references ask me anytime always there to help a fellow otaku CHEERS
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Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai season 3 release date

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