Twin Star Exorcists season 2

Original name: 双星の陰陽師
Country: Japan
Director: Tomohisa Taguchi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Fantasy
Duration: 24 min.

Plot & Details

The anime series tells about the brave soldiers onmёdzhi. They are fighting against the power of evil, Is cleaned the human world from the evil spirits. The main hero of the anime, Rokuro dreamed of becoming a strong and brave onmёdzhi since childhood, but occurred in his life the tragedy for a long time repulsed him all sorts of aspirations. However, very few people care about - because of Rokuro and his partner Benio determine the fate of mankind. They are called the two stars and predict their marriage, the prospect of which Rokuro not happy. Will he be able to avoid this fate, but still help your world?

The story of fearless warrior against the forces of evil will tell us a second season of the animated series Twin Star Exorcists. There is no doubt that it will be a dynamic, exciting and win the hearts of audiences as well as the first season.

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2016-07-01 17:19:12

I'm getting sick of reading articles that look like they were produced by a person who just started learning english...

Twin Stars

2017-04-09 10:49:59


2016-09-07 09:45:28

I hope this is true cause I really like this anime

Rokuro X Benio

2017-03-29 22:31:46

me too, and its not like there's not enough stuff to d it about. I mean they still have the most powerful basara to beat and also if all the energy was released by benio and rokuro they could bring back an old enemy like kirunashi or somebody for a couple episodes. also, and most importantly, they NEED to get rokuro and benio married. Or they could bring in a whole new enemy to face. there are so many ways the next season could go.
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