Sword Art Online Season 3 release date - October 7, 2018

Original name: ソードアート・オンライン
Country: Japan
Director: Ito Tomohiko
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Fantasy
Duration: 24 min.

Plot & Details

Characters truly real. When a certain character: crying, rejoicing and enjoying, you like to share with these these feelings, and sometimes it seems like the other side of the screen the live person with soul and emotions. The plot of the game it is very original. A genius has created an unusual helmet through which perhaps literally immersed in the game. He also created, and the game itself, and her name is, just SAO.

Only now, one problem this very crazy genius, both in general and other geniuses. On his madness on the more I will talk about later on.

Game Sword Art Online

Gamers learn about the game of the new generation, just woke up and began to dismantle it at the speed of light. Due to the impressive popularity of the game gained a huge number of participants. Also before the release of the full game conducted beta testing, and it participated in it our protagonist - kirigami under the name - Kirito.

It is time to talk about the mad genius plan. His plan is to remove the Exit button of the game, thereby sharpen all players in virtual reality, making them his "guinea pigs." Just a madman has warned that if the play of the game, then you will die in reality. So the only way to get out of the game - is to pass it, that is to defeat all mobs and bosses. Realizing the entire alignment of circumstances, our hero decides to take all their will in a fist, and save all the players, even at the cost of his life. By the way, the name of genius - Akayaba Akihiko.

This anime is very much like two types of people: Single and romance, as in the anime very much love the moments that touch the soul, and a lot about the topic of loneliness. I very much enjoyed this anime since I am both of the above types.

Sword Art Online season 3 release date

October 7, 2018

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2015-11-22 12:37:14

We broke up with a guy because of this anime.. Help!


2016-03-27 23:35:13

Lol, what? Why?


2016-06-04 23:22:25

thats y im still single and, thats y i watch anime and, i dont plan on getting 1 but i fantasize. >_<


2016-11-01 15:14:27

That is why you find someone who likes anime XD

Rokuro X Benio

2017-03-29 22:33:10

BOOM problem solved XD

Twin star exorcist

2017-06-17 19:17:15

I wished for a season 3 of twin star exorcist but naaahhh I think there is no more ep left


2016-02-09 05:33:29



2016-08-11 20:47:19

nahh u are not telling the truth m8


2016-09-03 01:51:58

Truth actually. Look at the release dates for the others...


2016-12-14 01:32:20

Hah, it needs to come out in the next 18 days and if it doesn't, you're then wrong.

iTz Jc Nc

2016-04-04 12:26:14

Why cant you all take part in the voting for HighSchool DxD season 4 i like SAO and i want season 3 but not as much as HighSchool DxD season 4


2016-04-05 11:55:07

Tbh I really do like Highschool Dxd but I still think SAO needs a third season... Maybe even Noragami

ya ya ya

2016-06-12 11:39:04

yes all of those anime's need a new season

the anime gamer queen

2016-08-21 06:31:58

yes, noragami does need a third season. i'm pretty sure there is gonna be an other season.


2016-04-05 18:04:59

Facts vote for a season 4 for high school DXD

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-05-02 14:47:50

Thanks my man HighSchool DxD Season 4 FTW

greg is here

2016-06-26 04:01:58

I agree that highschool dxd season 4 would be better but, I hope that this season of sao is redemption for the last season because no offense to anyone who liked sao 2 i thought bombed.


2017-05-08 17:40:39

Yea me too yoh

HighSchool DxD Lover

2016-05-02 14:46:34

You do realize that whoever said he likes HighSchool DxD you can vote for more than 1 anime and i voted SAO and HighSchool DxD

Đức Seul

2016-05-25 17:54:34

I can't wait, hope be soon!


2016-08-04 12:41:22

damn, season 3.Are you kidding me. That's awesome


2016-10-09 21:04:14

dude. SAO sucks. i think the 3rd season is gonna be worse than the second one. here is a example in the first season. Yui kills a boss with a like forbidden sword i guess and for some reason she is gonna die. so Kirito the main protagonist, goes into a command console room. he aperantley knows the CREDENTIALS to akihiko kyaba's SAO account. then what does he do with the console? save a ai not even real. he had accses to da whole console


2016-11-01 22:30:18

Dude don't hate on a decent anime because you suck :/

anime fan

2016-11-02 08:23:17

Actually he had logged in with yuis credentials before she got deleted from the system now in the second season I'm not sure how he got heathcliff login but I guess plot lol


2016-08-10 03:18:24

Ok so let talk DATE.... what month,week,day is it gonna be coming out on 2016 isnt a confirmed date it just a year like u shouldnt say stuff like that and get peoples hopes up 4 month until 2017 so is it coming out in the next 4 months


2016-08-11 20:49:40

NO its not m8 where did u get the news there is no aanouncement that there will be the 3rd season in 2016


2016-08-12 06:35:57

We need alot of sao its cute and awesome and romantic


2016-08-19 20:11:59

Honestly I just want Charlotte Season 2. Love that anime!!

the anime gamer queen

2016-08-21 06:27:30

yassss!!!! im so happy! I cant wait! but when? 2016 is ending in four months, when is the actual realest date?


2016-08-28 17:47:53

like we need s3 for sao cause we kinda left off unfinished on s2 so i want to find out what happens next

randon guy

2016-10-09 04:41:08

tan ks again sounds good when there is an exact date writ another article


2016-11-23 09:44:34

the description makes it sound like Kirito made the game... yet hes the hero lol


2016-11-29 08:19:47

SAO season 1 was a amazing anime because there was the aspect of you having one life you better make it count. But since that aspect was removed we don't have that thrill anymore so that's what made Season 2 not be as good as season 1. It would be a waste of money for the company to make season 3 of SAO if they don't bring that aspect back...


2016-12-16 14:02:06

I know the release date its 12th January next year I know it They can't cancel it because My Cousin Ciel Knows the Director so yeah the Director even said Season 3 will be the last season with 24 episodes and 2 OVA's


2016-12-30 02:09:21

Sword art online ordinal scales will be released on February 18, 2017. Also known ass sword art online season 3.


2017-02-15 19:05:38

yeah.. I am pretty sure if its going to come out it will going to come out on fall...I USE MAGIC, OK?


2017-03-25 12:06:08

The best anime for ever...


2017-03-25 12:11:35

I got say that this anime need even more than ten season...


2017-03-28 21:11:29

i got say that this anime is the best anime for ever... . . .(LOL)


2017-04-10 04:25:39



2017-04-17 14:05:18

plz re;ease thos anime as soon as possible.i want to see its season 3 plz plz plz.


2017-05-09 23:47:40

there better be a S.A.O 3


2017-09-17 02:44:15



2017-09-17 23:01:59

I got say that this anime is the best one for ever . .lol


2018-01-26 20:14:25

i have seen every anime on hulu now im bored


2018-02-12 05:29:40

There's no way they can end SAO like that with how season 2 ended! That's WAY too big of a cliff hanger to cancel one of the most popular animes ever
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Sword Art Online Season 3 release date


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