Spirited Away 2 release date - Completed

Original name: Spirited Away 2
Country: Japan
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Fantasy
Duration: min.

Plot & Details

About anime Spirited Away 2

The plot revolved around the first part of the 10-year-old girl Chihiro, who was with her parents in the wizarding world. Only problem is, that wicked witch, who lived in this world, her parents turned into pigs. And now only Chihiro can fix it, but it's very difficult. This touching a fantastic story has become a classic, and the film is perceived as a cult.

At the moment nothing is known about the second part of the story line and a possible sequel. Yet there is no doubt that the writers come up with something interesting and delight the audience. After all, the audience waiting for the second part of 15 years, and during this time, you can already come up with something. The second part will be released only in 2016, or perhaps even later than this.

Spirited Away 2 release date


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2016-05-17 00:58:46

How often do we remember events from when we were 6 or 7 !! Odds are not much but well for me spirited away was one memory that stuck after 15 yearss waaww im rewatching , and God its still amazing, the way it was 15 years ago Dont be late with the sequel Im introducing it to my nephews <3 <3 best of luck


2016-06-03 19:44:40

Are you waiting for the second one


2016-12-10 09:06:19



2016-05-30 20:31:02

When will it be realse on YouTube


2016-08-04 05:00:01

can we get an english translator for vivian here


2016-12-12 02:37:15

Yes you can just go to YouTube .you can just type in Sprite away two in YouTube but I don't know when will it be realsed.( sorry for the late answer I have been busy and I didn't get to answer the questions.). ( don't ask me how I get the information because i did it before an I still do it I haven't check YouTube yet.)


2016-06-02 00:51:14

Thank you for telling me that! By the way are you answering????? Thanks again


2016-06-04 18:45:44

I watched Spritied Away again today. I still love this movie!! I can't wait for the Sequel. I hope that Chihiro and Haku can live together than.


2016-06-04 20:04:56

I hope so too. By the way have you read the story?


2016-06-04 20:03:13

It is already June 4th.


2016-06-05 14:58:03

Does any one know when spirited away comes out like the month date or any thing I just love the first movie and would want to know when it comes out so I can watch asap I love studio Ghibli's work

J.C. Lady

2016-10-22 03:54:20

rose-chan the director of the movie died already sorry


2016-11-05 01:55:50

He hasn't died, he's only 75 years old.


2016-06-08 18:33:34

Rose chan did you know that the second one is coming in the end of 2016


2016-06-14 09:07:15

I NEED SPIRITED AWAY 2 please I beg you I love this anime it was amazing and that was my first anime I watched and because of that I started watching more different anime so please release spirited away 2 PLEASE !!

2016-06-15 05:15:39

I love this movie I love all the movies he's made that I have watched can't wait to see the movie/ sequal


2016-06-27 19:04:45

I told you the second one is coming at the end of 2016 ok


2016-06-30 19:56:32

are you sure???? is it not just rumours of april mop???? where did you get this info exactly?

Diana Rose ♡

2016-07-08 03:55:49

Is there really going to come out a 2 movie at the end of 2016?! Or is it just rumours?


2016-07-12 20:43:41

I got this information at the review part i can prove it just look at it


2016-07-13 14:32:09

This is so fake isn't it?


2016-07-14 16:10:08

I used to have a big crush on Haku b/c of his voice. And yeah i ship them so much! I'm just over here still hoping they may make spirited away 2. Stupid me :(


2016-07-16 08:07:57

ikr haku is so cute

Berries yasmin

2016-07-24 10:18:48

Please release it in 2016!!!


2016-07-27 03:08:16

Of course it will.maybe I do not no but it said it is coming in 2016

Fuck you

2016-08-07 12:26:29

the second one is always shit. i dont want my favourite movie to be ruined.


2016-08-16 17:25:46

its 2016 im waiting why isnt it coming


2016-08-25 06:48:34

I really hope this happens soon! I'm tearing up at this possibility!


2016-08-29 05:38:09

Cant wait!!

2016-08-29 18:03:06

what!? great news exciting!.


2016-09-05 21:04:10

Now it is school time it is almost coming ya:)!!!!!!!!!!


2016-09-08 14:21:53

I can't for the spirited away 2 to be release .. I love anime movie so much especially studio ghibli's anime movie..it was pretty amazing though


2016-09-26 10:22:57

I was left wondering about a sequel, as it seemed that Cihiro was still wearing the hair-tie...


2016-10-02 00:55:30

I 100% loved the 1st one(still do) and i hope that they do release the 2nd one soon(if they DID make it). After watching the 1st one and the somewhat sad/dramatic ending, id hope that everyone will be ready to pounce on it when(or if) it comes out.


2016-10-02 14:00:14

will u plz make the sprited away part 2. i'm wondering that if u can make it......... i am going hell to see the the next part..... it's like i can not hold on it


2016-10-08 04:17:57

Please let me know the movie is in theaters.


2016-10-10 16:30:21

I only watch this last saturday and its was so amazing..when chihiro save both haku and her parent...it was so lovely..and i admit that im a fan of this movie..cant wait for the season 2


2016-10-12 17:32:32

i love this MOVIE... and im inlove with haku.....


2016-10-15 18:29:42

there better be a spirited away movie 2 cause i have just watched and i want a second movie of spirited away please i really have not watched a better anime movie then this one this is one of my top favourite movies now thank you and hopefully you can make a spirited away 2 thank you!

Caleb L.B.L.

2016-10-19 08:09:41

I hope the 2nd one will be great like the 1st. What if she had grown and went to the spirited world to see that boy, or she had a boy/girl who went in the spirited world and the boys child went to save her child !


2016-10-22 07:10:32

uh I don't think that they'd make a sequel to a movie that Miyazaki directed after he retired ??


2016-10-26 16:42:38



2016-10-27 15:20:02

I'd love to know the release date of the Part 2 please. I've been waiting. Me ang my sister, we love this movie more than anything. We always watch it when we're out of choices when we're bored. Yet never failed to make us thrill. Please do make it real. I'll wait for at long as it takes.


2016-10-30 13:51:47

I really hope there is a spirited away 2 it is officially my favourite movie of all time (not kidding)


2016-10-30 20:21:46

well I sure hope for the second part to leap up soon as the first part leave me in thirst, wanting for more:) I do guess others too want that to happen...


2016-11-20 19:48:49

when does it come out!


2016-11-22 01:29:48

Have you read the story yet it is so good (spoilers) they got marryed at the end of the STORY. I love it. Better read it everybody it going to be good

big cum

2016-11-26 17:57:16



2016-11-29 07:16:20

2016 is almost over


2016-12-03 11:06:14

it would be amazing if spirited away part 2 releases cause the first part was a great hit and the second would make people even more excited as the movie has an amazing story


2016-12-03 17:40:32

The firs time I saw spirited away was whe I was probably nine and that was in 2015 and I heard on the internet that their was going to be a second spirited away I just can't wait


2016-12-12 02:30:31

I read those comments and it is so good!!!! Plus 2016 is almost over i don't when it will come but I'm sure it is coming out almost over it is December 11 the today so it going to be fun ya!!!!!!!! I just love it


2016-12-15 10:34:26

Its almost 2017... Wtaf..


2016-12-17 03:24:17

Will Chihiro and Haku see each other again and will they be older like 5 years older and will they still be kids and will she go back to that place and help them and do you think you could make Chihiro fall in love with a anther man and Haku jealous and will a loved the movie and i gust know that you will make it great to can't what to see it. Thanks,KGL


2017-03-12 02:54:57

Uh... Have u read the story yet it is good!!!!!!! But it's twelve years. So now she is 22 years old. Because she was. 10 years old her parent isn't with her don't ask why because read the story. Please


2017-01-03 22:02:36

It is coming out in 2017 I don't know the date or the month but it has the director and it won't be long until it comes out I and so exited! Yesssss!


2017-02-27 19:02:32

please release it as fast as u can.just lov tis anime xoo mch


2017-02-27 19:03:17

please release it as fast as u can.just lov tis anime xoo mch

When does it release

2017-08-05 23:12:42

When does it release pls tell me.


2017-09-04 01:23:29

i saw spirit away 2 guys its already been realsed in japan for about 8 years now

When does it release

2017-11-18 21:49:20

No way how can that be!!!! I can't find it on YouTube! Plz help me!!! Plz and thank you!!


2018-11-12 10:39:30

Apparently, Miyazakai currently has no plans for a sequel and is going to be making his last movie already, sadly. But who knows? Finding Nemo took forever to get a sequel, and so did Incredibles. So you never know, it might get a sequel, but don't count on it for a while.


2019-01-26 07:38:31

It's 2019..... It's not coming out.
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Spirited Away 2 release date


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