Servamp season 2 release date - 2019, to be announced

Original name: サーヴァンプ
Country: Japan
Director: Itto Sara, Hideaki Nakano
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

About anime Servamp season 2

Mahiru Shirota is an ordinary high school student who likes to do things easily. One day he finds a black cat on the way home, he calls this Kuro, decides to take it with them and take care of them. When Mahiru comes home from school the next day, he is surprised that instead of his cat is an unknown person in his apartment. Mahiru finds out that this person is Kuro and turns into a cat when faced with sunlight. The black cat reveals that he is actually one of seven vampires who represent the seven deadly sins and who stands for laziness. He also confessed that he and Mahiru had just tied a bell around his neck and called his name when the vampire was in a human form. This contract was ultimately concluded when Kuro accidentally drank Mahirus blood and thus became his servant, known as Servamp and Mahiru whose master, named Eve.

Shortly afterwards, the Mahiru and Kuro met for the first time on Tsubaki, who claimed to be the vampire of melancholy and thus Kuros as well as the other six Servamps eighth brother. Mahiru decides to find the remaining vampires of the seven deadly sins to fight together against Tsubaki and his subjects.

Servamp season 2 release date

2019, to be announced

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Anime Servamp season 2 may be one of the best. Director Itto Sara, Hideaki Nakano currently has not made an official statement about the release date continue. Exact release date is unknown, but we can confidently say that Servamp season 2 will be. We can only wait for the end of 2016. If you like the genre Adventure, Anime look like at the end of the news.

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2017-06-04 05:09:04

Well hopefully there's a Season 2 to Servamp~~~! I NEED IT


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2018-04-07 15:08:59

I loved the first season!!!!