Sankarea season 2 release date - Completed

Original name: 散華 礼弥
Country: Japan
Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

About anime Sankarea season 2

The protagonist of the anime - Chihiro Furuya. Chihiro's mother died and his father - a Buddhist priest. Chihiro is not only not afraid of the supernatural, but also is a fan of all sorts of mysticism. He collects zombie figurines, games and movies related to the resurrection of the dead. When Chihiro beloved cat hit by a car, he decided to hold a ritual to resurrect your pet. So he meets a beautiful woman named CEA. Her mother also died, and strict father does not give the girl any freedom. The experiments are of interest Chihiro REA - she wants to die and rise again, becoming a new person.

Will we see the continuing adventures of Chihiro and electronics, is still unknown. Manga, on which filming is anime, has been completed, which means that the series can be continued. It is hoped that in the near future creators of the series will be pleased with us the good news.

Sankarea season 2 release date


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2016-07-25 18:37:03

I hope there will be the second season bcoz I'm totally hooked with this anime n finished it in a day!


2016-08-08 00:54:41

Loved this anime and I really hope they come out with a second season cause the last episode seemed to end so abruptly


2016-08-16 08:03:29

If there is no second season ....then I have to say that the director of this Anime sucks at making Anime endings...So he better come up with a second season...


2016-08-16 14:34:54

still waiting.. u can read their manga


2018-08-21 00:01:19

The director doesn't suck, the mange and anime just didn't sell good chances of a second season is very, very low 2018 and still no season 2


2016-09-08 07:08:57

I just finished this anime today and I loved it but the ending is horrible. Where is the follow up!? I was waiting on a good ending but it didn't! I really hope they make a season 2!


2017-09-12 14:02:00

i love it too i already finish it today i cant wait to se season 2


2016-09-28 15:10:38

I want season 2

S rank for Sankarea

2016-10-07 09:41:32

Hoping there will be a change in the ending, and i always waiting for the 2nd season of the anime,and i've read the manga too, not so satisfied with the ending, maaybe this is why the anime didnt receive a good review because of its ending... hope that the Creator and the Team seeing this.


2016-10-09 23:28:32

The anime sankarea is awesome , we all Need a second season .

Gin Yato Bishamonte

2016-10-18 07:53:10

I really hope that Sankarea will having a season 2. I know this might sound greedy but I really want to watch some more.


2016-10-22 05:45:58

the ending wasn't good enough to be the complete end there has to be a second season


2016-10-29 02:28:34

Ill love it if theres a second series to this i loved this series so much i juat love plz this be true


2016-10-30 22:30:51

when will come the second volume of sankarea?


2016-11-11 03:51:52

please update me if the sankarea season 2 was release .. thank you


2016-11-12 11:00:12

i've seen the anime and i've read the manga both of them dont have a satisfy ending for chihiro and rea this is horrible. hope season 2 anime can change it into the best ending for chihiro and rea. im really in love with this anime pliss dont left it like that. cheers for chihiro x rea re-alive Banzaiii!


2016-11-17 17:12:08

please make a season 2 plsss forgive my wish make a season 2!!!


2016-11-30 01:18:34

Love it I hope they will release season 2


2016-11-30 01:18:37

Love it I hope they will release season 2

Jason Anime ***

2016-12-11 22:18:10

:O i hope season 2 will come bec we want them to continue !!!!! more funn for the fans / creators can be happy so many ppl like this series i siriously hope it comes soon personaly bec i like the story the passion (zombies) :D for example i like to watch this i hope others does too

jason anime

2016-12-11 22:20:27

i hope ther comes an next season comon this cannot end here!!!


2017-02-21 19:28:41

Was the last episode number 13? Because well that would be the worst ending i would ever see and I love this series and I hope there will be a lot of episodes. Just watching ti again will make me bored. Please be another season soon.


2017-09-06 23:45:56

I agree with you man


2017-09-06 02:23:57

I get interested in your series I get to watching and oh guess what the fricking series has and erupt ending and they just decided to quit this iaessed up and I was interested checked it out when I saw 1 of my favorite songs came on with a Japanese anime music video came up so I check the first episode and I got so interested it was the only thing I did for 2 days and then it stops no more what happens next and I thought it was in production and no they said who cares it had no sales maby you would get more if you didn't quit. I just wanted the watch give me a break man just make another one any of you developers out their just make the 2 season please I want to know what happens next


2017-09-06 23:44:09

One other thing o love this praticly obsessed with it the love the mystery.its awesome I need more developer I dunno if your working on it now but I really want more I'm sure we all do because we're fans we want more you confused most of us and I'm surly willing to buy it if you realease another and if you do another and make the right kind of ending then many you'll get more buyers think about it you make ansiries you make a confusing ending he's going g to to ell another about it then another then e other that's how it good dude I've had this show and only this show on my mind I've watched it 3 times in 2 days seriously let us watch more make more or just make 1 big movie for all I care just finish it which girl does he choose what's up with the new guy what's the mom going to do how is the body going to be preserved and the funny thing is is even 3-4 years later I'm still going to hope you'll make another so do please man don't leave us hanging


2017-09-18 01:27:02

I really hope they make season 2 cuz season one was very good! Even tho anime didn't sell well but still i hope they make season 2


2018-04-04 01:26:14

i agree with y'all the maga only covered session 1 of sanakarea.


2018-05-29 02:07:47

I really want Sankarea to continue! I was hoping Chihiro and Rea would get together at the end but NOPE that never happened. We were also introduced a new character on Episode 13. IT CANNOT END OFF WITHOUT KNOWING WHO SHE WAS. They probably wont continue the anime or manga but atleast we got something and I'm grateful for it. Sankarea has made tops on one of my favorite animes <3


2018-09-30 15:07:32

there are grammer mistakes and spelling mistakes here


2018-10-15 17:39:21

i hope it will be a season 2, but i'm comenting this 2018 and the anime was made 2012 so i don't know if it will be a next season xD ( but i still hope )


2018-12-26 07:46:15

buy bluray at amazon as much as you can so season2 will come
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Sankarea season 2 release date


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