Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut season 2

Original name: 最弱無敗の神装機竜《バハムート》
Country: Japan
Director: Ando Masaomi
Genre: Adventure, Anime
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

The series attracted the attention of the audience and was able to keep him. Should we therefore expect that this project will be extended for the new season? At the moment, nothing can be said, but still for this reason. This series has an interesting plot and good graphics, moreover, it has already attracted the attention of viewers.

But for now, little information, so urge you to follow the news on the future of pet project. This can be easily done with the help of our website, because it has a large amount of relevant information and the latest news about the future of your favorite projects. You can be sure that in the future there will be more information on the series "The Chronicles undefeated Bahamut", so do not miss.

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2016-03-13 16:18:24

I hope this season 2 will be coming up cause I love this series


2016-03-28 21:52:04

I hope


2016-03-29 15:22:37

please make new series i really love it


2016-03-30 09:46:41

The Story is Interesting

Nate River

2016-03-30 11:15:36

Please relase the season 2 im waiting for that...


2016-04-04 19:01:25

what kind of description is that? what the fuck

Midnight Hero

2016-04-08 03:37:13

The story is interesting please bring season 2 so we can find out what happens next: who does lux love? :is his brother Fugil evil or not? So much more so please release season 2 of undefeated Bahamas chronicle!


2016-04-08 17:07:40

I just started this anime and I already love it and I do hope that the series will live again with the start of a second season


2016-04-08 17:11:51

I just started this anime and I already love and I hope that the series will live again with the introduction of a second season

Midnight Hero

2016-04-11 04:08:00

Please bring in season 2 I watched the entire season 3 times now hoping there would be a season 2 release i hope there is because it is a really exciting anime.


2016-04-11 14:00:10

i hope his harem grow bigger and bigger in season 2


2016-06-30 14:28:35

No. There is enough.


2016-04-13 00:14:18

I love this series. I really do hope they make a new season! This series is excellent. Hopefully they will show more ecchi in the next season.


2016-04-13 00:14:20

I love this series. I really do hope they make a new season! This series is excellent. Hopefully they will show more ecchi in the next season.


2016-04-14 14:31:11

Yes continue the season 2 season 1 is great realy love it


2016-04-14 20:27:05

Love it! Need a 2nd season, please continue the story. It could be telling the story about the brother.


2016-04-15 06:11:10

i hope the season 2 comes out soon. its so interesting.


2016-04-15 16:10:35

season 2 pls


2016-04-15 16:11:05

season 2 plssssssssssssssssssssss


2016-04-16 15:54:29

There are some plots that keep hanging open in the season 1. I hope we can find the answer in the season 2 for this questions. 1.) Why did the Arcadia kingdom conduct human experimentation to produce a massive weapon of destruction.? 2.) where is this "Ruins" come from? 3.) Would Lux Arcadia be the new king of the current kingdom (kingdom of Atismata)? I hope the season 2 will be released soon. =_=


2016-04-16 20:01:50

j’espère que la saison 2 va bientot arriver car j'ai adorée cette serie <3<3 !!

Midnight Hero

2016-04-17 12:56:24

+MercyFire I know they still need the answers that have been left hanging from season 1. Pls bring season 2 this anime is the best! Ps. This is my 3rd time commenting!


2016-04-17 15:16:35

i hope too


2016-04-17 20:30:15

I'm gonna die if there won't be season 2. Pls release it soon :")


2016-04-18 00:12:08

this coming season we might able to see the drag-ride of his brother Fugile, might be another bahamut?

Midnight Hero

2016-04-18 12:53:11

+Dark I know maybe if lux has to fight Fugil I wanna see Fugils Drag ride I want to know who lux loves. So please bring season 2. Ps This is my 3rd time writing.

The world

2018-04-03 14:34:36

If it's a haram, it wouldn't show a real love ending. Sorry for saying so, I'm sad too.;(

jude marjun

2016-04-18 15:04:38

will it still have the english sub?


2016-06-28 07:54:41

Well every anime in Japanese has sub titles. Why wouldn't it have sub titles?

Midnight Here

2016-04-19 11:20:40

+Jude Marjun. Maybe it will have English sub like season 1 hopefully they will if they release season 2. Ps this is my 5fth time writing I said 3rd last time when I meant 4th time writing XD.

Midnight Hero

2016-04-19 11:22:25

Lol on my 5th time writing I spelled Midnight Hero wrong! Dang but anyway I will keep in touch with season 2. ps this is my 6th time writing.


2016-04-19 18:02:13

I Love This Anime. I Hope Season 2 Will Come Soon.... I will Watch More Anime Until Season 2 Come Out Thank you (*&*)

allen pats

2016-04-22 16:10:01

Please make lux and krulcifer close they are really cute when their together


2016-05-20 08:00:08

No way its Lisesharte she is cute n her attitude is the best an lux is her knight

I love Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut <3!

2016-04-23 19:27:47

Pls pls pls Have season 2!

Midnight Hero

2016-04-25 16:32:22

+allen pats. I know right but just saying that Lux And Krulcifer are already engaged (Married in your purpose) so that means they are already really close besides they have kissed anyway. Ps. This is my 7th time writing!


2016-04-27 09:09:19

pls realese ittt .. i really love it


2016-04-27 09:09:20

pls realese ittt .. i really love it


2016-04-29 12:14:04

please admin for my question (i hope and waiting for season 2)sure i love this anime...Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut Please on going to season 2


2016-04-30 13:03:02

let's hope there will be season 2 coming, can't wait this season 2 guys, right? :D


2016-05-05 06:36:04

his name is lux not suite


2016-05-11 23:38:05

I really wish they will make a season 2 because i might even like this more than SAO


2016-05-20 10:52:30

I love this series please release the season 2 ... I hope season 2 will release i'm waiting for it


2016-05-20 10:54:13

I love this series please release the season 2 ...I hope season 2 will release i'm waiting for it


2016-06-01 11:32:18

This 1 of my favorite anime :D


2016-06-16 08:28:58

i hope this is great anime...

Lux Arcadia

2016-06-18 11:23:14

They say that their selling is bad and not likely to have a season 2. Is their selling that bad?

Midnight Hero

2016-06-20 09:12:03

+everyone yes this anime' selling is bad, lux and Krulcifer are cute together and Lisha is just cute with lux too.


2016-06-30 10:04:03

I hope season 2 comes soon!!!! I hope Lux goes with lisha she seems so nice and they are adorable together.

Your name or nickname

2016-07-19 02:43:14

na fam it's Phi and Lu all the way

Dim demon

2016-07-04 00:02:16

I think it is just straight up awesome and I can't wait till season 2 will come out it was funny it had action and mecha's if anyone has not seen it then go watch it


2016-07-05 17:48:01

there has to be a second season because of that 'ending'... well its more likely a new beginning. btw bahamut was just crated half a year ago and there could be another season right in winter 17 or autumn 16.

My name or nickname

2016-08-19 21:49:40

Do you know for sure if it's coming out in Winter or Autumn??


2016-07-25 18:28:03

vite la saison 2 et je voudrait qu'il est plus de truc entre krulcifer et lux que les autre ses peut etre que mon avis mais j adore krulcifer et lux


2016-08-05 21:50:08

faut une saison 2 c est trop cool le créateur est un génie bravo a l équipe la série est merveilleuse faut une saison 2


2016-08-06 04:33:46

Whens it coming out


2016-08-19 21:40:24

When is season 2 coming out?


2016-09-01 04:21:09

Please make another season the first was exemplary

I Love Krulcifer

2016-09-04 05:34:33

I hope this season 2 released soon


2016-09-04 10:02:30

I can't wait for season 2

Sajid Fahad Abdullah

2016-09-28 11:57:03

This anime is quite interesting, so it should have a sequel or the continuation of the season 1. The season 2 should be based on the things, Lux's elder brother plans to do, he shall become a new threat to the new kingdom, but in the end, Lux defeats him in a face-to-face drag-ride battle but doesn't kill him, instead shows him mercy and lets him go. This season 2 should be more funnier than season 1, I suggest.

Celestial X lux

2016-09-30 03:51:50

Pls season 2 I need itt!!!!

Akira Taiyou

2016-10-20 21:36:19

when i first watched the anime, i said to myself "ehh, i bet i'm one of those rare ones who like this anime" then i research about the anime; finding this site of course, and i have a look at the comments section. And then my heart start's bursting out with happiness!!


2016-10-21 12:02:13

I want to know why the nobles cheated ( not actually cheated as they had a plan to execute so as it seems they cheated ) ?


2016-10-24 02:10:20

I like how it says undefeated but let's be honest the girls have defeated him for sure. If u know what point I'm looking at.


2016-10-30 13:58:14

It will be a suprise if saijaku muhai no bahamut released


2016-11-06 06:25:38

I like the anime looking forward for the second season.

João victor

2016-11-19 16:24:29

Amo esse anime d+ espero que tenho uma nova temporada


2016-12-01 20:25:08

Plz send the second season detail as soon as possible ,really eager


2016-12-04 08:14:01

Please release the season 2 this year im dying for it it's a very interesting anime. I hope Krulcifer and Lux will get married too


2016-12-23 09:33:07

Season 2 has to happen and it's gonna happen. Lux has to face his crazy psychopathic brother and stop whatever he's planning next, which will probably lead to another war, or something? Also are there gonna be more characters and new girls who will have love interest for Lux? But the only answer I want to know is will Lux kill his brother, or not?


2016-12-25 11:10:01

Can't wait season 2 ! :)


2017-01-22 16:11:07

sssss fdseghgr


2017-01-03 06:38:06

I hope it comes out its dope asf


2017-01-04 18:30:00

''2017, to be announced'' what does it mean


2017-01-22 16:10:36


No friends

2017-01-24 05:48:02

Can't wait for season 2


2017-01-26 08:29:51

Plz make season 2 I want more seasons and their even a movie if not make a bunch plz us anime fans wants more episodes

2017-02-12 08:48:42

Make season 2 of Undefended Bahamut Chronicle. It's the best show ever


2017-02-14 21:00:52

I love this series.they are battle,love story,sex,good graphics. I love this series. Pls make the season 2 longer episode Make season 2 coming faster

kakarou anime studio

2017-03-19 01:20:17

I hope so to

z rider

2017-03-30 14:56:09

Season 2 i love dhis anime

nadia roussou

2017-04-28 15:10:35

Come onnnnnnn! Something else ?We have already read this site for 4 or 5 times ?.! It is real or not ?????


2017-05-27 14:30:34

I hope Season 2 of Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut will be out quick...

Moo master

2017-06-14 00:36:03

Ever since I've seen this anime I hoped fore a seson2.☺☺☺☺☺☺


2017-06-23 07:01:22

j aime cette aminé


2017-09-18 18:35:17

I'm Sure that season 2 will come out in Fall 2017, but I can't wait. I need my pal Lux to take down his brother, not to mention I need some answers to my questions. ( The ruins origins, where did the Bahamut come from and why there s two of them, and most importantly: Who will Lux accept and love)


2018-08-07 08:27:11

j'adore cette animé saison 2
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Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle season 2 release date

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