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K project season 3

Original name: ストレイン
Country: Japan
Director: Suzuki Shingo
Genre: Adventure, Action
Duration: 25 min.

Plot & Details

The world is ruled by the future youth gangs, whose members possess supernatural powers. They are afraid of the authorities and traditional gangsters, however, is not refusing to cooperate. Gangs are distinguished by the names and colors of the elements, which is owned by The local fighters. And while the city is boiling clashes between "red" and "blue" on a paradise island, where there is a school Asinaka, 17-year-old named Yashiro Isana Siro quietly dined in the company of his cat. But when a guy move in a way - began full Wonderland: him chased some Gopnik, then came a strange swordsman, cat turned into a naked beauty, and the hero discovers that he has a twin - the serial killer, which are very eager to talk to members Red Gangs and many who are yet!

So far, so chudesatee - said the heroine of other similar stories. That Shiro, a young and handsome, did not want to die early, and it is not clear for what, and to prevent the sad outcome is necessary to understand the mystery of the self. What a cute blonde - the guy complicated, clear and blind, but how can you be both cheerful schoolboy and eerie Seventh Lord? In general, it is time to decide something, and then a lone samurai named Black Dog dinner to feed no more!

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2016-01-24 20:09:21

So many mistakes on this text... And btw, that ist the storyline of season 1 XD well so far, for a 3rd season xD


2016-01-24 23:03:25

Love it. Wait!

Hold up a sec

2016-01-25 06:01:16

Hmm there ain't no proof of this. Can whoever posted whatever this please confirm that a season 3 of k project is in works?


2017-04-28 00:13:47

I think there might be a movie coming in 2018(not sure), I checked their website recently.


2017-07-30 09:03:14

What the name of the nsite


2016-01-27 01:32:35

Wait wait wait.first off that info is season 1. Second off what is the point of renewal if the ending was pretty acknowledgeable and good+there is no concrete proof/sources confirming this.


2016-03-28 16:46:32

If they are making another season, I'm pretty sure it will be based off of one of the other mangas that focuses on the timeline of the characters before the events of season 1 happen.


2016-06-30 09:37:21

Because at the end of season. 2 of K project they had weissman in the room instead of shiro. Simply put, even though the slates are destroyed there is still a story to it. Kuro and neko are both enrolled in the school. There's many ideas to run another


2016-01-31 08:47:19

Is there really going to be a third season of k?


2016-02-05 00:44:22

The release date for the third season of K is October 8th, 2016. Proof enough? Besides, the Manga is lovely for it. There's no reason not to make a third season.


2016-02-13 12:42:23

I love the project k. I would cancel all my appointments just to watch it.


2016-02-22 13:29:27

there better be a season 3 i hate cliff hangers and the frist 2 seasons were so kick ass


2016-02-25 09:56:51

if they can't make another season better than the second, then there shouldn't be a following season anymore. i find it excellent already and if they ruin it, i just don't know how to react.

allahu akabar

2016-02-29 01:24:19

quando vai lançar k project no brasil ?


2016-03-09 17:26:18



2016-03-01 10:29:55

I hope the real shiro is in this season and then he would become a silver clansman

Suoh Ayano

2016-04-11 09:33:17

That's impossible cause the Slate is destroyed, a.k.a. where is he going to take his powers from? If there is going to be a 3rd season (which I pray everyday for >.<) it's probably going to be based off on one of the mangas; also, I heard something about a possible movie about Saruhiko and Misaki, so.....we can only wait and see.

Big Fan

2016-03-06 21:09:33

Please Give Us More ! really like this anime

Ms. Supernatural

2016-03-20 05:49:54

Waaahhh I'm super excited. There will be a new season of K. I just love this anime.


2016-03-27 11:49:32

I just want mikoto to somehow return from being dead!!!


2016-04-26 03:05:22

I love this anime so much! I want the third season to come out sooner!!!!!!!!!


2016-04-26 11:05:31

I would love a Season 3 for this, much like most animes since they're low on new ideas for anime anyway since half of seem like remakes of originals. Whats better than cocentrating on an extension to our favorite shows instead? As much as I want a third season to happen, that preview as explained seems more false to an extension, however the release date seems accurate as the always leave roughly it 6 months to a year before announcing and or releasing afterwards.


2016-05-15 08:22:15

I don't know how I feel about this. Sure I would like to know more about Shiro but I feel like it ended pretty well. If they try and add more it will only take away from what was put into season 1 and 2. Now the fact that this is a 50/50 go I am hoping they use the mangas and I hope it doesn't ruin the story line.


2016-05-30 01:52:22

i love k i saw all epesods exept season 3 i wan it nowwwwwwwww plz realis ely :D


2016-06-21 07:38:26

I love the anime K I really like the storyline and I can't wait until season 3


2016-08-02 14:28:51

me tooo!


2016-06-23 06:31:22

K project is my favorite anime! I would love a season three!!

kirito/turtle ^-^

2016-07-21 21:57:52

PLS PLS MAKE MORE K PLSSS MAKE A SEASON 3 K SHOULD NEVER END PLS AT LEAST A SEASON 3 [no season 3 of k= :( sadness] [yes season 3 of k= :)) HAPPY!!!!]


2016-07-24 22:37:19

I'M SO EXCITED! :D I cried at the end of season two...KUROH IS THE BEST CHARACTER! XD

2016-08-20 03:57:14

Love it! :) Must have season three! :)


2016-10-07 06:00:33

K is my absolute favorite anime, I wish that it would go on to tell the story of mr. Weissman in his new teaching job! Though I'm still excited for second season!!


2016-10-11 20:19:00

Where can you see the following?


2016-10-11 20:20:38

Where you can look at the new follow ?


2016-10-11 20:23:35

Where you can look at the new follow ?


2016-10-20 17:48:06

Go season 3

2016-10-26 09:26:35

It already past oct.8,2016 k project anime


2016-11-03 21:24:05

That's impossible there's already a 3rd season you can watch it on goanime.com and btw it's really good like the 1st and 2nd season


2017-01-31 17:53:04

That's not true


2016-11-05 09:24:08

Wait no seoson 3. What?


2017-05-03 08:04:04

I'm not sure this is real and even if it is, why 2017 ?


2017-08-09 13:52:52

Loved it
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